[apk]Battlegrounds Mobile India: Now, you can change appearance, ID Name, gender – Here’s how

2021-07-14 19:04:12

  Ending the wait of lakhs of PUBG lovers in India, South Korean company Krafton launched the Beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India few days. It is to be noted that Battlegrounds Mobile India is seen by many as the desi version of PUBG Mobile India which was banned by Indian government in 2020 over data privacy concerns.

  Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available for download on Android smartphones. In another good news for PUBG Mobile India fans, Krafton also allowed them to migrate their data from PUBG Mobile India to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Having said that, there are many people who have downloaded the game for the first time and they want to know to change the name, appearance, avatar picture, name tag, and more in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here were are providing you the tips on how to customize your in-game character.

  Battlegrounds Mobile India – How to Change ID name

  Battlegrounds Mobile India allows players to change their nickname or ID name in the game. The player need to acquire the Rename cards to change their nickname in the game. Here’s how you can change your nickname in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  - Open the BGMI game and go to the lobby.- Click on the Inventory option and click on the Box like icon at the bottom of the list.- Rename card will appear if you have acquired it by migrating the data.- Click on the Rename card and then click on the ‘Use’ button.- A dialogue box will appear. The player can enter the new name in the box and click on ‘Ok’ to change the name.

  Battlegrounds Mobile India – How to change appearance and gender

  Here are the steps which you need to follow to change appearance and gender in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  - Open the Battlegrounds Mobile India game and go to the lobby.- Go to the Inventory option and tap on the Outfit.- Once done, a number of options will appear on the left side. Search for Appearance and tap on it.- The players will be taken to a page where they can customise their character.- Player can change the Face, Hair, Hair Colour, Facial hair, and Facial hair colour of your character. The player can also change the Gender of character from this list.- After making the changes, players can tap on Ok at the top right bottom and the appearance of character will change.

  Meanwhile, interested players can now download Battlegrounds Mobile India on their Android devices. The PUBG Mobile India lovers can do that using the APK and OBB files or via the Google Play Store.

  How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India using APK+ OBB files and Google Play StoreAPK and OBB files

  The size of the APK file is 72 MB, while the size of OBB file is 637 MB. Battlegrounds Mobile India players need to have sufficient storage on their phones in order to download the desi version of PUBG Mobile India.

  Step 1: Download both APK and OBB files of Battlegrounds Mobile India using the links provided above.

  Step 2: Next, install the APK file, but do not open it yet. Change the name of the OBB file to “main.15255.com.pubg.imobile”

  Step 3: Paste the OBB to Android/OBB/com.pubg.imobile

  Step 4: After this, gamers need to open the application of Battlegrounds Mobile India and select between either of the two Resource Packs.


  Step 5: Finally, they can log in to enjoy playing Battlegrounds Mobile India


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