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  Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain is a classic WWE video game. After the widely panned WWE 2K20, we miss these classic games.

  By Edan Nissen

  Published Sep 02, 2020



  WWE has been developing video games since the late 1980s. While some of them, like Here Comes The Pain, have been hits, not all of them have been great. In 2019, WWE and 2K Games released WWE 2K20 and has been widely been decried as a terrible game.? The game had issues from the?start and was mired by glitches. From buggy graphics to game crashes, the disastrous game resulted in the collapse of the 2K WWE game series that had been running since 2013.

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  As noted, WWE video games weren’t always terrible. Instead, the regular release of games was something many wrestling fans waited for. Each new installment usually brought new features, updated graphics, and a new and improved roster.



  In 2003, WWE released SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain to the Playstation 2 with Yukes and THQ. The game featured Brock Lesnar as the cover artist.

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  The game featured 65 wrestlers and non-playable characters, including Batista, Goldberg, and?Rey Mysterio. Here Comes The Pain also saw?the Elimination Chamber and Bra and Panties matches as playable for the first time.


  Before there was Here Comes The Pain, THQ and Yukes released SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth. The game was a sequel to?SmackDown! Just Bring It.?This?was the fourth game in the series and included a roster of 60 wrestlers, up from 44 in the previous game. The game marked the first appearances of Brock Lesnar, Diamond Dallas Page, and Randy Orton.

  The game, just like its predecessor, included a developed story mode that could be used to unlock in-game items. The story mode started from the original brand draft and included the?introduction of the New World Order into WWE. The game also saw a wide variety of match types, like Hell in the Cell, Table Elimination, Lumberjack, and Slobberknocker mode, the last of which is a never-ending gauntlet match.



  In between the popular SmackDown! series and the inconsistent 2K WWE Video Games, WWE produced the SmackDown vs Raw series of games that ran from 2005 to 2011. The 2008 edition of the game featured not only members of the SmackDown and Raw rosters but also included members of WWE’s version of ECW.

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  It?featured a roster of over 50 wrestlers and saw the video game debut of CM Punk, MVP, and Cryme Tyme. Aside from the roster, the game also featured the popular General Manager mode, where players could control Raw, SmackDown, or ECW and book the best shows.


  In 2000, WWE released the first game in the SmackDown series, which would also include Know Your Role, Just Bring It, Shut Your Mouth, and Here Comes the Pain. All were exclusive to the Sony Playstation console.

  The game featured a roster of 36 wrestlers and a variety of match types including hardcore, falls count anywhere, cage, special referee, I quit, handicap, and battle royal, and Royal Rumble. It also marked the WWE video game debut of the Dudley Boyz?and Vince McMahon.



  In 1998, the WWE released its first game for the Nintendo 64 console and was also released on the original Playstation Console.?This marked the first wrestling game on a Nintendo console since WWF Raw which was released four years prior. The game featured an 18 strong roster including Kane, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, and The Headbangers.?It also included several unlockable characters, such as alternative characters for Mankind and Stone Cold.

  Like many of the games that followed, War Zone had a create-a-player feature that allowed players to create their own wrestlers with a custom name, look, move-set, and entrance music. The game also included seven different match types, including singles, tag team, cage, hardcore, tornado, battle royal, and Royal Rumble.


  Released in late 2008, SmackDown vs Raw 2009?featured Triple H?and Shawn Michaels on the cover. The game had a roster of over 70 active wrestlers and marked the debut of Brian Kendrick,? Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, and The Miz.

  The game also featured the first-ever Road to WrestleMania mode, where players would take control of either Triple H, CM Punk, The Undertaker, John Cena, or Chris Jericho through a tailor-made story for each of the characters. This was on top of the established career mode for the game. SmackDown vs Raw 2009 was also the first WWE game to feature the iconic Inferno match.



  WWF No Mercy was the promotion’s second game on the Nintendo 64 console. It?received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. IGN scored?it a 9 out of 10, with many fans calling for the game’s system to be replicated in the more modern games. The roster featured an impressive 74 characters from the likes of The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Kane, Mankind, and Kurt Angle.

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  No Mercy also was the first wrestling game on the Nintendo 64 that featured an in-depth story mode. The mode featured numerous different story-arcs and had incredible replay quality. The game was the end result of several years of developing wrestling started by AKI?in?the WCW vs NWO World Tour.


  Before WWE fully transitioned their video game series to 2K Sports, they released two final games with THQ. The game featured CM Punk as the cover athlete. The game saw the debut of Damien Sandow, Ryback, and Mike Tyson as well as the return of legends like DDP, Brian Pillman, Bret Hart, Bradshaw, and Farooq.

  The game removed the popular General Manager mode, and instead replaced it with Universe Mode. The game also had an Attitude Era mode which took players through various chapters during the Monday Night Wars. There are rumors that CM Punk may make his WWE return in video game form soon.



  SmackDown vs Raw 2006 was the second game in the series. The game included three different versions of Hulk Hogan, the game also saw the inclusion of the controversial Muhammad Hassan and his manager Khosrow Daivari.

  The game also marked the debut of the popular General Manager mode where players could go head to head booking weekly episodes of Raw, Smackdown, as well as regular PPV events.

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