[Donkey Kong Country]Is Donkey Kong Getting A New Game On Nintendo Switch

2021-07-16 19:28:52

  Nintendo recently updated the sprite of Diddy Kong on its Japanese website, leading to speculation that a new Donkey Kong game is being developed.

  By Scott Baird

  Published Apr 23, 2021


  Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Cover

  A recent update to the official?Nintendo?website has led to speculation that the company is releasing a new?Donkey Kong?game on the Switch. The change involved switching out Diddy Kong’s sprite on the?Super Mario Bros.?universe character page for one that was more modern.

  The Nintendo Switch has yet to receive a unique?Donkey Kong?game. The system received an updated port of?Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, but that was originally a Wii U game. The?Donkey Kong?franchise is heavily featured in?Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and other Nintendo party/sports games, but that has always been the case.?Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle?had?Donkey Kong DLC, but this wasn’t the true?Donkey Kong?video game experience that fans had been hoping for.

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  Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Cover

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  As of the time of writing, Nintendo has yet to announce a new?Donkey Kong?game, but there is still a chance that one is in development. In 2020, Nintendo announced?Paper Mario: The Origami King?and?Pikmin 3 Deluxe?shortly before they were initially released, so it’s possible that the company has the same in store for a new?Donkey Kong?game. The recent Diddy Kong render situation has also stoked the hopes of fans.

  Diddy Kong New Render Cover Nintendo

  The reason why there is speculation about a new?Donkey Kong?game is due to a recent change to Nintendo’s Japanese website. It was noticed that Diddy Kong’s render has been updated. The official Nintendo website used a render of Diddy from?Mario Party DS,?but it was updated to one with more detail, especially his fur. This led to speculation that Nintendo has another?Donkey Kong?game in the works for the Nintendo Switch.



  The previous two?Donkey Kong Country?games were developed by Retro Studios and they would seem like the ideal company to make a new one. There’s just one problem, however, and that’s?Metroid Prime 4. In 2019, Nintendo officially delayed?Metroid Prime 4. It was also revealed that Retro Studios would be coming back on board as the developers of the game. Nintendo has yet to make any more announcements regarding?Metroid Prime 4, even though the game has been in development for two years. Fans keep waiting for footage of the game, but they are left disappointed each time. It’s likely that Retro Studios is hard at work at?Metroid Prime 4, which means that a new?Donkey Kong?game would likely be produced by another studio – if one is in the works at all.


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