[BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle]Persona 3 Characters Join New BlazBlue Cross Tag DLC Packs – 5th IP Coming

2021-07-19 05:00:55

  After a thrilling grand final match for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle at EVO 2018, a delighted audience was treated to the news that new characters would soon be arriving to the game. Not only soon, but very soon, with the characters set to land on August 6th. In total, there are nine new characters, with three from Persona 4 Arena, three from BlazBlue, and three from Under Night In-Birth. Here’s a list of the characters set to arrive early next week:

  Persona 4 Arena






  Mai Natsume

  Nine the Phantom

  Under Night In-Birth




  Additionally, here is a trailer depicting the new characters:

  As a further tease, the end of the trailer shown displayed a brief image of the four cubes, depicting the four franchises in the game so far. However, this time there was a new, fifth cube in the center, a possible tease for another crossover in the future?

  What could it mean?

  What could it mean?

  We’ll update when we have more information. For results from EVO including the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle finals, check out our results page, here.