[Observation]Test your observation. Can you spot both leopards in this image?

2021-07-19 19:44:02

  Indian Forest Officer Parveen Kaswan tweeted an image of what looks like a leopard sitting on a tree branch, at least at first glance. The viral image made netizens test their observation looking for a second leopard, a cub, hiding somewhere in the image.

  How many leopards ? https://t.co/lH3nnwnDhG

  — Parveen Kaswan, IFS (@ParveenKaswan) 1624608015000

  If one looks closely, the head of the second leopard can be seen peeking from behind the tree, right in the middle. The image made many scratch their heads looking for the second leopard which rests amazingly camouflaged with the tree, other than its tail.

  The image has been clicked by photographer Mohan Thomas who took to Twitter to share his image while challenging people to spot the second leopard. His post was retweeted by Parveen Kaswan.

  Many reacted to the tweet, pointing out the position of the cub. “First spotted the tail. Ultimately, I was able to spot the face. What a camouflage,” said one user. Another commented, “If not for that tail, would have been too difficult to spot.”

  Here are some of the reactions:

  @ParveenKaswan Spotted the face from the tail… https://t.co/LP9HNugzy4

  — Jammudichidi (@HimaniMAHAJAN6) 1624627380000

  @ParveenKaswan Two leopards, one adult and one cub hiding in the centre of the trunk https://t.co/0IXvbMwekw

  — Bala Guruprasaad (@BalaGuruprasaad) 1624633736000

  @ParveenKaswan If not for that tail, would have been too difficult to spot

  — Jayesh Bagde (@tweetjayesh) 1624608223000