[It’s Always Sunny]It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 10 Episodes That Deserve Sequels

2021-07-19 19:47:34

  Fans of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia all have their favorite episodes and there are more than a couple that deserve a sequel or a revisit.

  By Stephen Barker

  Published May 28, 2021


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  As?arguably one of the?best sitcoms?on TV right now, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is best known for its crude and vulgar comedy, and it has some of the most truly unique episodes of television ever made. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get sequels.

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  The show has made a habit out of following up some of their best episodes,?whether it’s “Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo,” the gang’s fan-made Lethal Weapon 5 and 6, and “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot.” However, there are other episodes of the show that might not necessarily be the best episodes, but for one reason or another, deserve sequels more than any other.


  The Gang Cracks The Liberty Bell

  Holding just a 7.7 on IMDb, which is shockingly low compared to other episodes, “The Gang Cracks The Liberty Bell” is?one of the most underrated episodes?of the show. It follows the gang desperately?revising history in a way that typically narcissistically involves themselves.

  Though it doesn’t necessarily have to be a direct sequel to the episode, another period-based episode that follows the gang retelling their own version of a historical event could be a great spiritual successor to “Liberty Bell.”


  The McPoyles are two of the?best recurring characters?in a series full of great ones, and that even extends to their whole incestuous family. The best episode that has the sibling weirdness on full display is in “The Gang Gets Held Hostage.”

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  Being held captive in their own bar, the gang tries to hold their own against the McPoyles, while Frank hilariously crawls around in air vents like John McClane in Die Hard. The episode is begging for a sequel, and just like Die Hard 2, it could be the same story that simply takes place in a different location.


  Dennis in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

  In “The Gang Runs For Office,” Dennis attempts to become a local comptroller. He?obviously isn’t?in it to make the world a better place, but?purely for financial gain, after finding out how much potential there is to make money in political corruption.

  Given how politics is always talked about and is always relevant, the ever-changing landscape of the government would make for a great follow-up to the episode. And?especially seeing?that the show often hilariously?comments on taboo topics, it’s perfect ammunition for Always Sunny.


  “Charlie Work” is indisputably the best episode of Always Sunny, as it’s all one shot that follows Charlie trying to keep all of the problems with the bar hidden from a cleaning inspector. The episode is genius, and with its ratatat jazz score, it might be one of the most well-produced and accomplished episodes of a sitcom ever.

  Many fans would agree that there?should?be a sequel to this episode, and though it might be tough?to repeat its brilliance, it’s too perfect not to capitalize on. And a sequel would make sense, as it’s mentioned that the inspections are annual.



  Another Charlie-centric episode, this time it sees the Paddy’s Pub janitor create his own musical, and many fans feel it’s?the best season finale?of the series. The episode is full of the most disgusting sing-a-long songs, and the whole premise of the musical is absurd and hilariously deeply troubling.

  A follow-up to “The Nightman Cometh” would be the pinnacle of fan service, as?fans surely want nothing more than to see Frank singing about troll tolls and Mac hissing at the audience again.


  In what is a parody of Family Feud, with Keegan-Michael Key even guest featuring as a Steve Harvey-type character, “The Gang Goes On Family Fight” has all the?makings?for a sequel. Key’s character needs to make a return, and as the gang did terribly in the game, it only makes sense for them to try again, as they’ve never accepted defeat in the past.

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  And on top of the great premise, every character has at least one classic moment in the episode. Whether it’s Dennis having a mental breakdown and crying, Frank hitting on the other family members, and Dee throwing down all the innuendos, the whole gang is on top form.



  With Thunder Gun Express being a movie that was eagerly anticipated by the gang,?they all race across Philly like madmen trying to get to the movie theatre in time before the movie starts. It’s one of the most interesting episodes because none of them spend much time together, and they’re all left to their own devices, for the most part.

  The rat race-type episode was so unique, and given that Thunder Gun Express was surely such a popular movie in the Sunny-Verse, there?could be a sequel that they all race to again.


  A bottle episode is an episode of a sitcom that takes place in real-time in one location, and though there are many in Always Sunny, the funniest of them all is “The Gang Dines Out.”

  Dining out at a fancy restaurant, the gang spends half of the time hilariously tormenting a poor waiter. And though the audience has seen the waiter several times in different roles since, there has never been another full bottle episode in that restaurant.



  “Mac Day” is?the best Mac-centric episode, as it sees the gang forced to spend the day just how Mac would spend it, which is, of course, by?participating in karate tournaments and greasing up bodybuilders. But it is quite surprising that they haven’t done an episode based on the day of?each character by now, as “Mac Day” is in the ninth season, which aired almost eight years ago.

  It seems like an episode for each of the main characters would write themselves and there’d be nothing better than seeing the gang forced to live a day like Charlie or even Dee, one of the?funniest female sitcom characters.


  It’s rare when the gang veers too far outside of Philadelphia, but when they do, it’s a nice surprise. The best example of this is in “The Gang Hits The Slopes,” when the boys and Dee go on a ski trip. It’s just as much of a parody of ’80s movies as it is a classic Sunny episode, and it makes for one of the most unique episodes of the show.

  Either the slopes need to be revisited in a future episode, or the gang at least needs to book another retreat outside of Philly, sooner or later.

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