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2021-06-17 18:51:04

Are you also facing Error Code 22 while playing Summoners war? If yes, then read the full article to fix Summoners War Error Code 22.

Developed by Com2us, Summoners War is an online multiplayer mobile game. It revolves around turn-based strategical gameplay. This game is available for both, Android and ios devices. The players assume the role of summoners, opening scrolls to acquire monsters to fight in turn-based battles. In this article, we are going to talk about error code 22 and how you can fix it. So, here is everything you need to know.

Error Code 22 is seen majorly because of some connectivity issues with the server. This error sometimes pops up with a message that some negative apps must be deleted to run the game properly. But, the message of negative apps generally pops up when your device is jailbroken. We have talked about this error separately. You can?head here?to read the full article. Error Code 22 is simply related to connectivity issues. So, here are some methods that you can follow to fix Error Code 22:

Shift to Mobile Data:?The first and foremost step must be switching to mobile data. this is the easiest step you can do to fix this error. According to a?Reddit post, users can fix this issue by performing this easiest method.

Restart the game:?In some cases, restarting Summoners War can also fix this error. You can try this method as it is the second easiest of all.

Reboot Wifi Router:?Rebooting the Wifi router has also proven to fix many internet issues in the games. Sometimes, your Wifi needs to refresh when there is any fluctuation at the back-end.

Contact your Network Provider:?If you are playing on a tablet or iPad and do not have a SIM Card in it, then you can contact your internet provider to make it work.

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