[Animal Crossing]Animal Crossing New Horizons: Every Wedding Item And DIY (And How To Unlock Them)

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  Every fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons should be sure to unlock and acquire these fantastic wedding items and DIYs.

  By Gabrielle Huston

  Published Jun 02, 2021



  June is Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! With this new, sunny month comes a new event to participate in and several special items and DIYs to unlock. This list will walk you through?how to earn each and every one. On the first day in June that you visit Harvey’s Island, you’ll be introduced to Reese and Cyrus. They are a married couple looking to take anniversary photos.?The player is tasked with being their photographer (since Harvey is kind of a flake).

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  Items are earned in several ways. Some must be purchased from a store. Others are earned as a reward for a job well done. Most, however, are purchased from Reese and Cyrus themselves.?To thank you for your help after each photoshoot, Reese will give you a special currency called Heart Crystals. These can be traded in with her husband, Cyrus, to receive the Wedding-Exclusive items.



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  Not all of the items that are provided for use on the sets will be available for you to purchase from Cyrus right away. On the first day that you take photos for them, you’ll only be able to buy:

  Wedding BenchWedding DecorationBlue Wedding RugWhite Wedding Wall

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Event - Nuptial bell item as seen in the Nook Shopping Seasonal Menu

  As of 2021, Nintendo has added new items to Nook Shopping in honor of the Wedding Season. Players can purchase them by accessing the Nook Shopping on their phone or in Resident Services, choosing the ‘Special Goods’ section, and scrolling to the ‘Seasonal’ tab.

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  These items come in three color themes?— white, blue, and brown?— but they are not customizable. Keep checking Nook Shopping each day to find and order the colors you’re missing, if you want them.

  Nuptial BellNuptial DoorplateNuptial Ring Pillow

  This item is available for the player to hold like a tool in-game.

  Flower-Petal Basket


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Items Split Image - Tsunokakushi in centre, Shiromuku on left, White Hakama with Crest on right

  Three new clothing items were added to the Able Sisters’ shop (as of 2021) for the Wedding Season. They are all items that a bride and groom in Japan might wear to their own wedding.

  ShiromukuTsunokakushiWhite Hakama With Crest

  Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Event - Reese and Cyrus standing at the end of the aisle

  Cyrus will add new items to his little store each time that you perform another photoshoot. The seventh photoshoot is the last time he will add anything new to purchase, but there will be a?lot?of new inventory for the player to save up and buy!

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  Unlocked After 2 Photoshoots:

  Wedding ChairWedding TableWedding Party Wall

  Unlocked After 3 Photoshoots:

  Wedding Candle SetWedding Flower Stand

  Unlocked After 4 Photoshoots:

  Wedding Head Table

  Unlocked After 5 Photoshoots:

  Wedding Pipe Organ

  Unlocked After 6 Photoshoots:

  Wedding ArchWedding Welcome Board

  Unlocked After 7 Photoshoots:

  Bridal VeilCake DressWedding TuxedoWedding PumpsWedding ShoesBrown Wedding FlooringBrown Wedding WallGreen Wedding FlooringGreen Wedding WallRed Wedding RugWhite Wedding Rug


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Items Split Image - Wedding wand on left, wedding fence on right, Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate in centre

  The Reese and Cyrus Photo Plate is a decorative item for the player to remember their time with Reese and Cyrus by! After the 6th day that you?do a photoshoot for the couple, Reese will give this item to you. If you want any of your villagers to display this item in their houses for a little while, invite them to the ceremony on the 6th day!

  The Wedding Fence DIY recipe allows players to build a gorgeous fence for their island using Iron Nuggets and Softwood. When you go to Harvey’s island to take Reese and Cyrus’ seventh set of photos, Harvey will give the DIY to you as thanks for your help.

  Finally, the Wedding Wand DIY recipe allows players to combine a few Star Fragments with a Wedding Flower Stand and create their own bouquet, just like Reese’s! The recipe is obtained after you have finished your 7th photoshoot for the married couple. Cyrus will offer it?during your conversation, saying that?he and Reese worked on it together for you to have.

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