[ps4 cod]LATEST PS Plus July 2021 Predictions: What You Think, Plague Tale, Release Date, Announcement Date,

2021-07-27 10:02:03

  The PS Plus announcement can be one of the most exciting parts of the month. PlayStation often offers up a few absolutely huge games; Well, when you start comparing to Xbox’s Games With Gold, anyway. Here’s the latest predicitons ahead of the announcement…

  Looking online, there’s a lot of great suggestions and predictions for July 2021’s PS Plus games line up. We’re compiled some of the best below:

  u/yaboipyro69 – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS5), Watch Dogs 2, Uncharted: Lost Legacyu/Gone__Hollow – Terminator Resistance (PS5), Dark Souls II, Uncharted: Lost Legacyu/dershmoo – Metro: Exodus (PS5), Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknownu/LogicalCaramel – NBA 2K21 (PS5), Dreams, CupheadAdvertisement

  Uncharted: Lost Legacy is a popular choice and would make an excellent addition to the service. Also, Terminator Resistance and Metro: Exodus both just received next-gen upgrades. We wouldn’t be surprised if either one of these popped up this month or next.

  If our predictions are correct, that month will be just as big as we thought. As attempted this week, here are our predictions for next month with an even stronger reason. Here’s what we think we will see.

  A Plague Tale: Innocence didn’t have all that much hype before its release over two years ago but its great emotive storytelling and engaging gameplay has kept it around.

  PS5 and Xbox Series X players will be able to play the updated version of the game this year on July 6th. This coincides with the exact date that we’re expecting the release of the latest games. Not only this but a report from GameRant shows that a well-known ResetEra leaker had predicted this last month.

  At Gearbox’s E3 event this year, they announced that Godfall would finally make its way to PlayStation 4, alongside a brand new DLC. The player base is rather limited with the developing sales of the PS5 so it would make sense to bring in more players.


  If this came to PS Plus next month, it could lead to a further resurgence in its player count, a new audience for the next DLC.

  The Pathless released half a year ago near the launch of the PS5 and enjoyed a decent player base and critical acclaim.


  This would be a great addition to the games next month and would also make sense given the developer has given away a game with PS Plus with their release of ABZU a few years ago.