[Oddworld: Soulstorm]Retailer Listing Claims Oddworld: Soulstorm Is Coming To Xbox This July

2021-07-31 21:52:20


  1The_New_ButlerWed 2nd Jun 2021

  Oh! I really didn’t see that one coming to be honest.

  I’m really done with all these timed exclusivity deals though. I mean you have to wonder how much Sony paid out for this making it part of their feature presentation in June last year and paying to have it launch into PS+ only for it to drop onto Xbox a few months later.

  It didn’t even get a great critical reception.



  2StonyKLWed 2nd Jun 2021

  Nothing to be too excited about personally. Played it for about an hour then deleted it. But guess its good to come to more people who may like it though.



  3FenbopsWed 2nd Jun 2021

  I played it with PS+ and didn’t really like it, it was just frustrating to play.



  4VenomousAlbinoWed 2nd Jun 2021

  @Fenbops Yup, that’s Oddworld.



  5FatalBubblesWed 2nd Jun 2021

  @The_New_Butler There was a report that said they have shelled out $329M. You can read it here, I don’t entirely understand it.




  6The_New_ButlerWed 2nd Jun 2021

  @FatalBubbles I think MS should just start leaking Xbox release windows to those ‘insiders’ the day any interesting timed exclusivity deal is announced.

  It literally kills these things stone dead if you know the game will be on other platforms in a few months.

  If that’s right, it is a ludicrous sum of money for that game. I know some will have a nostalgia for the series but other than being heavily associated with PS1 they don’t have a huge amount going for them in my view.



  7blinx01Wed 2nd Jun 2021

  Think it was pretty obvious it was either 6 or 12 months timed exclusive due to the PS+ deal.

  Having this for free on PS5 though, I wouldn’t suggest paying full price for this game.

  I found it a very buggy and frustrating game. Very repetitive.

  I gave up after 2-3 hours and haven’t played it since.


  The $329 Million is money spent of 3rd party exclusives paid over 7 years where Sony has publishing.

  That means games like Demon’s Souls, Sackboy, Destruction Allstars, Returnal etc.

  Ie all exclusives where Sony doesn’t actually own the studios.

  That figure is NOT money spent on timed exclusives.



  8IronMan30Wed 2nd Jun 2021

  Not surprised this is coming to another system. As I’ve said before, I believe third-party exclusives will be the exception and not the rule for a few years.



  9FatalBubblesWed 2nd Jun 2021

  @blinx01 Where did you see it doesn’t include timed exclusives? The article actually talks about the one year CoD exclusive thing in it.



  10blinx01Wed 2nd Jun 2021



  I know it’s a PS site, but they are the only ones that have actually delved into the full report rather than see the figure and assume it involves all timed exclusive deals.

  Screenrant just speculate this could include COD’s Onslaught mode.



  11FatalBubblesWed 2nd Jun 2021

  @blinx01 Thanks! That clears it up.



  12Nightcrawler71Wed 2nd Jun 2021

  After the reviews this got I wouldn’t get too excited about this coming to Xbox.



  13awp69Wed 2nd Jun 2021

  Trust me, I’ve played it. It’s not an exclusive PS users should have been bragging about, lol.



  14TerrinWed 2nd Jun 2021

  @The_New_Butler Xbox does these deals as well. Xbox pushing hard with the gamepass ones.

  Look at last year’s show which had a bunch of 3rd part gamepass deals/ timed exclusive games



  15The_New_ButlerWed 2nd Jun 2021

  @Terrin I know. I don’t take any side in this stuff other than my own and of other consumers.



  16TerrinWed 2nd Jun 2021

  @The_New_Butler yeah I get that. But outside of say Xbox or PlayStation doing this for there base. It is good for developers. As the extra money does help to pad the game or hell finish it, some companies need the cash infusion to just get a project finished.

  I know the developers of unto the end said the money from game pass was one of the only reasons they could finish it in the time they did



  17Vincent294Thu 3rd Jun 2021

  I bought it on Epic. I’ll probably rebuy when it comes to Steam, probably not Xbox but if I hadn’t got it on Epic I would have given Xbox a go. Granted I don’t know how FPS would fare on base Xbone, the game is both CPU and GPU intense. It’s actually a pretty good game in some regards, but it is both super buggy and stupidly difficult. Those 2 things are bad enough on their own, and especially bad together. Oddworld New n Tasty aside from its graphics is a better game, but Soulstorm has lots of potential if they patch it and add more checkpoints.



  18ISD1982Thu 3rd Jun 2021

  @papahefe you need to get out more if this is hilarious. And i doubt very many people would have been bragging about this game being an “exclusive” either.



  19ISD1982Thu 3rd Jun 2021

  @papahefe Feel free to show me “many” people bragging about Oddworld being an exclusive. And also why it’s hilarious.



  20ISD1982Thu 3rd Jun 2021

  @papahefe so nothing specifically about Oddworld. Gotcha.

  Stop being a hypocrite. “Sony fanboys are the worst” yet all you’ve done here is “stir the pot”, as you’ve put it, by trying to one up them with this “amazing seeing them backpedal” and “one less exclusive to brag about” etc.

  Don’t let it bother you. You don’t have to dislike one because you have the other.



  21EvenStephen7Thu 3rd Jun 2021

  @papahefe Fanboys are the absolute worst. Smile when they get put in their place? Good for the soul?

  We’re talking about videogames. Get some perspective.

  Also there wasn’t a lot of people bragging about Oddworld exclusivity. The excitement came from it being a day one game on PS Plus.



  22outsider83Thu 3rd Jun 2021

  I’m not surprised by people who didn’t enjoy what they’ve played. The reveal trailer looked awful. Loud. Busy. Trying to do a lot. Off putting character design. I was baffled when I did see positive reactions.



  23awp692 days ago

  Not worth buying even if it does.



  24uptownsoul2 days ago

  I wonder how many people defended Stalker 2, Medium, etc timed exclusivity with Xbox…will have a problem with this exclusivity deal with PlayStation



  25endlessleep2 days ago

  Not interested in this one but can we have sequel or something similar to Stranger’s Wrath next?



  26Halucigens2 days ago

  I have tried a lot of different odd world games and have never enjoyed them enough to get really far. Even if it was on game pass I wouldn’t even be tempted to try it. Good for anyone that wants it though.



  27Johnnel2 days ago

  I hope the exclusivity period for ffxvi is just as short, but I doubt it. Oddworld Soulstorm doesn’t look very good and if I wanted to get into the franchise I’d just play the originals on steam or something.


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