[pokemon best pokemon]Pokemon Go Element Cup Is Live: Best Pokemon For Element Cup Battles

2021-08-02 20:00:54

  The Pokemon Go Battle League is going on with utmost zeal. Along with various events, the Pokemon Go Element Cup has begun on Monday, June 28, 2021. Since this is the first Element Cup in Pokemon Go, fans and players are quite excited about it. However, it is one of the most rigid competitions Pokemon Go has seen as the rules and restrictions are stern. Keep reading to know more about the Pokemon Go Element Cup.

  The Element Cup is live!

  Eligible Pokémon must be…

   Able to evolve

   First in their Evolutionary line

   Fire-, Water-, or Grass-type

   500 CP or lower

  Check it out in the GO Battle League!#GOBattle pic.twitter.com/ltTzM81LRi

  — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) June 29, 2021

  The Pokemon that can be used by players for competing against others must be one of the three types: grass, water and fire. Even if the Pokemon is dual-type, one of the listed attributes is necessary.

  The Pokemon shall be under 500 CP?

  For the Pokemon Go Element Cup, the Pokemons who can evolve but are at their first evolutionary stage are eligible to take part.

  Since there are a lot of restrictions in this current event of Pokemon Go Battle League, a player can select from a limited number of Pokemons only. There?is no single best Pokemon for Element Cup as a player does not know about the opponent’s team. However, based upon the nature of the tournament and the restrictions, there are some Pokemons that might fetch an early advantage to players. The Element Cup teams shall consist of the following Pokemon.?

  Bulbasaur: Being a grass type makes it eligible for the Element Cup, and being a poison type gives it a slight edge over the other Pokemons. A Bulbasaur with Sludge Bomb and Seed Bomb moveset will perform better in the battle.?

  Vulpix: The fire-type Pokemon can last against both grass and ice types. The selected Vulpix shall know Quick Attack and Weather Balls to deal decent damage to the opponent.?

  Slowpoke: this water and psychic type Pokemon is very effective against poison-type Pokemons and resistant towards fire-type Pokemons. Use it with Confusion as to the Fast move and Psyshock as charged move.?

  Lotad: Being a water and grass-type Pokemon, Lotad is effective against fire and water-type Pokemons. Use a Water gun as the fast move and Energy Move as the charged move.?

  Cottonee: This grass and fairy-type Pokemon deals a lot of damage with its fast attack called Charm. Using it with Grass Knot or Seed Bomb as a charged attack will be advantageous.?

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