[shareme]How to Use Xiao-mi ShareMe App to Trans-fer Files and Data on Android

2021-08-02 20:23:49

  When it comes to the interface, Mi Drop has a clean and minimalistic design. All the options are there right on the homepage meaning that you don’t have to go searching for a particular kind of file. On top of that, there is a cool search box for you to search for filenames or types.

  And the tiles at the top makes the rest of it easy, as shown in the screenshot below.

  Prerequisite: The receiver phone should also have ShareMe installed.

  Step 1: If this is your first time using the ShareMe app, you’ll need to give it access to photos, files, and other media content on your phone.

  Then, there comes the usual activity of choosing your avatar and name.

  Though ShareMe gives your device a name by default, it’s best to add a personal touch to the name which would ease the process of finding the device later.

  Step 2: Once all the permissions in place, tap on the Send button and select the files you want to transfer. By default, ShareMe displays only the installed apps and packages. However, you can also send songs, documents, and other audio files. All you have to do is browse the top ribbon.

  Once you have selected the files, tap on Send. Meanwhile, on the other phone set the mode to Receive, after following the same setup drill.

  Alternatively, you can also tap on the Scan QR code button to scan a unique QR code. This step usually comes in handy in scenarios where there are too many phones in the radar. Plus, it also takes less time.

  Once done, your phone will set up a local hotspot, with the files ready to be transferred.

  Step 3: Once everything is set, your phone will begin searching for the receiver phone. If the phone is nearby, you’ll see the receiver’s avatar on the ‘radar.’ Simply select it, and the transfer will begin at the speed of light. Okay, I went a bit overboard there, but let me tell you it’s fast.

  Once the transfer is complete, just click on the little Cross/Cancel icon at the upper-left corner to end the transfer, and that’s it.

  Though ShareMe lets you transfer full folders and multiple files, it doesn’t let you share files and documents to multiple people at the same time.