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2021-08-06 01:43:33


  A record number of?Demat accounts?have opened just after the lockdown last year. A lot of people dream to make it big when they enter the markets. But do you know that nearly 90% of new traders burn out in the first 12-18 months?

  Yes, it’s sad but true. They lose most of their starting capital early in their career. We don’t want you to end up like them. You must read on till the end if you want to succeed in trading.

  Do you want to make money in trading?

  We are certain you do. Everybody does. But the question is how do you ensure your success in trading?

  Is there a holy grail which you can buy for trading? Is there a special system which you can deploy and churn money out of it regularly? Is there a trading guru who is always right and you can follow?

  We’re afraid the answer to all the above questions is a BIG NO!

  But then could you ever succeed if you don’t have a holy grail or special system or a trading guru?

  Fortunately, the answer is YES!

  You must follow these five steps to succeed at trading in the markets. Rather than steps they are a set of questions. You must have answers to all the five questions before you start trading.

  Let’s begin.

  1. Kya Trade Kare or What to Trade?

  This is where most people spend the maximum amount of their time. Which stock to buy? What to trade? This is the most common question people ask each other.

  There are more than 4,000 listed stocks in the Indian stock market.?This list keeps on growing whenever there is a?new listing.

  But how does a common retail trader select the?best stocks for trading?amongst them? It’s a difficult task. They look forward to their friends or relatives who are active in markets. They believe seeking advice from active participants will be right. But normally even these active participants are trading on hunches or what someone else has told them. It doesn’t work for them. It doesn’t work for you.

  Then these newbies look up to advice on social or electronic media. The benefit of this advice is its available on demand for free. But it may not be relevant to you. The timeframe with which the person recommends stocks generally differs from yours. Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all.

  Whether you like it or not but a trader must?develop a process?which helps him pick the right stock for trading. Unfortunately, lot of traders develop such process after spending lot of time and capital in the markets.

  Thankfully, you won’t have to wait for too long or spend tons of money on it.?Samco Securities?has launched?KyaTrade?a unique platform which provides instant trading and investing ideas on your fingertips.

  KyaTrade Launch Announcement by Samco Group CEO Jimeet Modi

  Now we know what you are thinking…what is so special about it? There are hundreds of apps and service providers who offer the same thing, right?


  KyaTrade is different from everything else you have seen so far.?Almost everyone tells you what to trade but?only a few will tell you the other four things which we have lined up in this article.?Let’s check them out one by one.

  2. Kyu Trade Kare or Why to Trade?

  There are more than 4,000 stocks listed on the stock exchange. Why should you enter a stock? What’s the reason to put your hard-earned money in it?

  Should it be because your friend or relative is recommending it? Should it be because a so-called expert on TV recommends it?


  The only reason why you must trade based on anyone’s recommendation is the track record.?If the person you follow has a sound stock picking process, then you will make money over the long run.

  But finding a person with a?credible track record?is extremely difficult. Here’s where KyaTrade platform scores above the rest.

  KyaTrade is built on Samco Securities’ proprietary?Giga Trading Engine?which analyses over 20 million data points daily to come up with stock recommendations.

  Analyzing more than 4,000 stocks daily is humanely impossible. KyaTrade does it with the help of Samco’s Giga Trading Engine so you get the best opportunities. KyaTrade has enjoyed tremendous success with its recommendations. You can check case studies on the recommendations?here.

  So, you know what to trade and why to trade. But the story doesn’t end there. There’s one more important question which no one asks.

  3. Kitna Trade Kare or How much to Trade?

  Is it possible that two traders enter and exit the same stock at the same time and at the same price…their total invested capital is also same yet they end up with completely different returns on their invested capital?


  We have taken an example of six trades executed by two different traders. If you notice the trade outcome for both the traders is same. Their total amount invested is also same at Rs 6 lakh.

  But the total profits they earned is different. This happened because their position sizing was different. New Trader started small and increased his position size after three wins in a row. But Smart Trader was consistent right from the beginning.

  The legendary trader George Soros said,?its not whether you’re right or wrong, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.

  George Soros George Soros

  Whether you make money in the market or not depends upon your position sizing more than anything else. But no one really asks or tells how much to trade?

  Samco’s KyaTrade platform not only suggests the stock but also the quantity you must buy. It suggests quantities in a way that ensure you don’t lose more than 1-2% of your capital in case stoploss is hit. You can still change the quantity of shares you want to buy or sell.

  4. Kab Trade Kare or When to Trade?

  Trading is all about timing. If your timing is correct then you can make money even from the wrong stock. But if your timing is incorrect then you won’t make money even if you have picked the right stock.

  For example:?Hindustan Unilever?was, is and will probably remain the right stock for years to come. But even it didn’t make any money for shareholders from 2000-2010 as it was stuck between Rs 100-250.

  In trading and investing people focus 90% of their energies on when to enter and rarely give any thought to exits. Whether you make money or not depends not only on your entries but also on exits.

  You may get free recommendations to enter a stock on electronic or social media. But you wouldn’t get any guidance about exiting it.

  Samco’s KyaTrade platform is probably the only platform which handholds you right from entry to exit in a trade.?Each recommendation on KyaTrade comes with a pre-defined stoploss and target.

  KyaTrade only recommends stocks that have a risk to reward ratio of 1:2 or higher. Only trades with a favorable risk reward ratio will remain active on KyaTrade. Once the risk reward equation moves out of favour the opportunity expires.

  So, at any given moment only fresh opportunities which are favorable and has potential to make money for you will be live.

  KyaTrade offers an?investment plan?and an?intraday plan.?The risk reward ratio in intraday plan is 1:2 or higher and 1:3 or higher in investment plan.

  5. Kaise Trade Kare or How to Trade?

  What to trade? Why to trade? How much to trade? And When to trade? are some of the most important questions a trader must ask himself before he starts trading.

  Unfortunately, common retail trader doesn’t know about them. And nobody tells it to him. Even if he knows he doesn’t know where to get answers to all these questions.

  KyaTrade provides answers to all these questions in an easy-to-use app. KyaTrade is so simple and easy to use that you won’t believe it.


  You can trade and invest with a simple swipe on your phone. Swipe right for ideas you’d like to trade. Swipe left to reject the idea. Swipe up for the next trading idea.

  Simple, isn’t it?

  So, what are you waiting for? Visit?KyaTrade.com?right away and sign-up.

  Not convinced yet?

  We know what you are thinking. How much will KyaTrade cost, right?

  Don’t worry! Unlike other services it won’t cost you a bomb. Intraday plan costs you Rs 1,500/month and investment plan costs you Rs 1,000/month. It would cost you Rs 18,000 and Rs 12,000 respectively for a year.

  But if you opt for the annual plan then you will only pay half of it.

  Yes! You read that right. Intraday plan would cost you Rs 9,000 and investment plan would cost your Rs 6,000.

  Isn’t that great?

  Now we’re sure you are even more excited to subscribe to KyaTrade. But if you are still apprehensive then let us make it even better for you.

  You can activate the first month starter pack for just Re 1/-

  You won’t pay a penny more than one rupee each for both the plans for the first month. You can try KyaTrade and go ahead with the annual plan only if you are convinced with it.

  One rupee is not a big deal, right?

  Then what are you waiting for…Visit KyaTrade.com right now and be a successful trader.

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