[apk live]PUBG Mobile stars Mortal and Scout receive over 200k live viewers on first Battlegrounds Mobile Indi

2021-08-06 01:51:26

  Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is now available for beta testers starting today. The game has long been awaited by Indian gamers and the community in general.

  The opening day of beta testing was a tremendous success for Battlegrounds Mobile India, and players have been downloading the game and jumping into the arena once again. Along with all other players, two famous PUBG Mobile streamers, Mortal and Scout, also played Battlegrounds Mobile India today.

  Earlier today, PUBG Mobile streamer Scout had a live stream where he played the new Battlegrounds Mobile India. The stream got a massive response from his fans, crossing over 200K views (the stream has been viewed over 35 lakh times at the point of writing this article).

  The stream lasted for around two and a half hours, and Scout was seen playing and reviewing the game. Players can watch his stream below.


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  Another famous PUBG Mobile star and streamer, Mortal, jumped into Battlegrounds Mobile India to see how the game is. Mortal also conducted a live stream to play the game and share the moments with his fans and community. His stream has crossed over 1 lakh views, and at the time of writing this, the stream is still live. Players can view his stream below.


  The response from fans show that Battlegrounds Mobile India has been able to generate a lot of attention and that the game is loved by the community.

  Players can download Battlegrounds Mobile India via the Google Play Store or directly download the APK and OBB files.

  To download the game via the Google Play Store, players can visit this link.

  If players want to download the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK and OBB files, they can visit the links provided below:

  Battlegrounds Mobile India APK – link

  Battlegrounds Mobile India OBB files – link

  Battlegrounds Mobile India APK for Android 9 devices: link

  Battlegrounds Mobile India OBB files for ndroid 9 devices: link

  The sizes of the APK and OBB files are 72 MB and 637 MB respectively. Players will need to make sure that they have enough space available on their devices before downloading the game. After starting Battlegrounds Mobile India, players will need to choose between the low-spec and HD Resource Packs. Their sizes are 379.6MB and 618.2 MB respectively.

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  Edited by Nikhil Vinod

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