[rose destiny 2]Jalen Rose Says Paul George Is Not A Superstar: He’s Not Even The Best Player On His Team.

2021-08-14 19:20:32


  Stadium Astro

  When the Los Angeles Clippers paired Paul George and Kawhi Leonard in the summer of 2019, they quickly became favorites to win it all in the West, as many had the duo pegged as the best in the NBA.

  While Kawhi's status as an elite superstar in this league has remained mostly intact, time has not been so kind to Paul George.

  Since his arrival to the team, which has been followed by consistent playoff disappointments, countless fans and analysts have questioned his worth.

  Ahead of Game 3, with the Clippers staring down an 0-2 deficit, Jalen Rose became the latest to deny Paul George as being a true superstar.

  ”Paul George is not a superstar. He's not even the best player on his team. Is Anthony Davis a superstar?

  To me, being a great player and an All-NBA performer doesn't necessarily translate to what I consider a superstar. A superstar means 'we're great because we got you.'”

  Jalen might look a bit foolish considering PG just dropped 31, but it's important to note that he is not just an analyst. He's a 13-year NBA veteran.

  And while it's easy for fans to look at PG and say “superstar,” Jalen's comments really highlight how those within the league view the Clippers swingman.

  When it comes to the fate and destiny of that team, they really only go as far as Kawhi Leonard takes them. As great as George is, is he really as irreplaceable as he might seem?

  The answer will vary depending on who you ask, but Paul George is definitely no scrub. And the only way for PG to stop all the noise is if he shows up and delivers a Chip to his team. Tonight's 31-point performance was definitely proved that much.