[destiny raid bosses]What to Expect From Borderlands 3’s Upcoming Raid Boss

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  Borderlands 3 is allowing players to battle a raid boss in less than two weeks, and there are a few things players can expect from the fight.

  By Richard Warren

  Published Mar 06, 2021


  Borderlands 3 Raid Boss

  Borderlands 3 players will soon have access to the game’s Director’s Cut content, with the new multiverse skin pack, murder mystery missions, and vault cards all available on March 18. The game’s first true raid boss, Hemovorous The Invincible, will be made available as well. A massive Varkid that will undoubtedly be one of the toughest foes players have ever encountered in the threequel, the fight will surely require a lot of effort and strategy on the part of the Vault Hunters.

  Though this is the first raid boss in Borderlands 3, it is hardly the first to be features in the franchise. After all, Borderlands 2 featured ten of these encounters, with its predecessor and The Pre-Sequel each having one as well. As such, players can look to these past raid boss appearances to get a good idea of what they will be seeing when they step inside Hemovorous’ arena. From loot, fighting style, and difficulty, players can expect quite a bit from their clash with the intimidating beast.

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  Borderlands 3 Raid Boss

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  borderlands 3 directors cut skins

  Borderlands 3 fans already know where they will be going to fight Hemovorous, as a locked door on Ascension Bluff has been confirmed to house the beast. Long before Hemovorous was officially revealed, players were able to glitch inside this arena. While the mystery went on for quite some time, as players wanted to know how to unlock the door and trigger the boss within. Eventually, Gearbox confirmed that the door could not be opened in the base game, though that will be changing come March 18. As players theorized, Hemovorous waits behind this door, and players will be able to fight her by unlocking it.


  The unlock process is simple enough, as it mirrors that of previous raid bosses. Players will need to fork over Eridium to enter the arena, with the price set to 500. While this sounds like a lot, players have amassed a fair bit of the currency due to high Mayhem levels and the Revenge of the Cartel event. Further, all players can contribute to the unlock process, making entry into the arena fairly standard and simple. With some of Borderlands’ other raid bosses having more complex triggers, this one being so simple should make grinding for loot easy.

  Speaking of the previous?Borderlands raid bosses, previous adversaries have seen players able to keep trying against the boss until they leave the area. This means that fans who pay once can keep trying as long as they want, and with Hemovorous likely to put out a lot of damage, players should expect a few deaths until they get their first victory. Once Hemovorous is dead, players will likely need to leave Ascension Bluff and come back to fight her once again. They will also have to spend another 500 Eridium on the fight, as each kill has to be paid for. With Eridium being useless beyond cosmetic unlocks, though, this should bot be an issue.


  Borderlands 3 First Raid Boss

  While the lowest level version of Hemovorous is level 35, players above this level will be fighting a version of Hemovorous that scales to their own in-game rank. Further, Hemovorous will become stronger with each Mayhem level, ensuring tougher fights for every battle with the special boss enemy. Referred to as a proper end-game challenge, players will likely want to have the best weapons and builds possible coming into this fight. Beyond that, getting four players together may be beneficial, though solo strategies will surely come about as time goes on.

  Players can expect some exclusive loot drops from Hemovorous, as all other Borderlands raid bosses have boasted some special loot that can only be obtained by taking them down. As such, players can expect some exclusive loot to drop from this boss as well, though what the items will be is anyone’s guess. Borderlands 2’s Terramorphus dropped an exclusive class mod, with the mod being useful for several different characters and builds. Other raid bosses scattered unique legendary weapons on the ground when killed, something that seems all-but-guaranteed to happen with Hemovorous.


  With Hemovorous impacted by Mayhem level, though, players who want the best variant of each exclusive item will need to take her on in Mayhem level 10. There will likely be anointed variants of each item, something that encourages grinding even further. Fortunately, with this being a proper raid boss, players will not need to endure long Takedowns before fighting it again. Instead, provided they have the eridum, they can re-open the door and hunt down more of the boss’s exclusive loot.

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  Intriguingly, Hemovorous is not the first Varkid raid boss that players have encountered. In Borderlands 2, players could evolve Varkids for the chance to fight Vermivorous The Invincible. As such, players can look to the fight with Vermivorous as an example of how Hemovorous will fight. However, players can expect something that is essentially the opposite. While players had to evolve regular bosses to fight Vermivorous, Hemovorous is fully grown. As such, she may evolve throughout the fight, with every stage making her stronger and giving her new attacks.


  As for her attacks, players can expect Borderlands 3’s first raid boss to have stronger versions of the attacks used by regular Varkids. Launching balls at players, spawning smaller Varkids, and stomping. Players can also expect it to have a charge attack of some kind. Instead of relying on gimmicks like Master Gee or Hyperius, though, players can expect the fight to be a straightforward “shoot until it is dead” encounter. As such, evert strategy should be built on survival and high damage.

  For the survival aspect, ensuring players have long fight for your life timers will be helpful. Amara’s distant revive ability will be useful, while having the skill where Fl4k’s pets can revive players would prove just aw useful. From there, using the best legendary weapons, shields, and Vault Hunter builds will be a must. Lastly, players will need to keep one player alive and in the fight so that others can respawn and return to the arena. If all four players die, Hemovorous will likely see her health reset just like older raid bosses.


  If players make sure that they are careful and patient, though, they should have no problem taking down Hemovorous and collecting what will undoubtedly be some valuable loot.

  Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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