[majin and the forsaken kingdom]Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

2021-08-16 17:35:14

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  The game is a third-person action/adventure title that relies heavily on cooperative AI dynamics. It’s similar to games like ICO or Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, except with the roles reversed. The Majin is powerful and easily capable of protecting itself, whereas Tepeu is weak in comparison and can not dispatch enemies on his own (unless using the stealth attack.) To progress, the player will have to control the Majin using basic commands and use the environment to their advantage to dispatch the shadow enemies. As the game continues, the player will get “friendship shards” which are used to level the Majin and gain access to new, more powerful attacks and commands. Strategy is important to the combat, as there are usually many enemies and they are fairly resilient.

  A darkness is consuming the land. The story follows the efforts of Tepeu, a young thief from a neighboring kingdom that is on the verge of collapse. To save his kingdom he enlists the help of the Majin, a former guardian of the kingdom. The large, powerful magic creature has the ability to cleanse the land of darkness and save the kingdom from evil and corruption. After rescuing the Majin from imprisonment, Tepeu and the Majin set out on their quest. Over the course of the story, the Majin regains his lost power and his memories, lost from being imprisoned for so long.

  Producer Daisuke Uchiyama has said that a huge inspiration for the game came from European fairy tales, particularly the work of the Brothers Grimm.

  Many people have compared the games tone to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, particularly because of the AI dynamics and setting.