[hornady ballistic app]Ballistic App: More Features, Data and Options Than Any Other Ballistic Calculator

2021-09-08 19:34:26

  Plug “ballistic calculator” into a web search and several dozen options will appear. The number of results is intimidating, and as with everything we take into the field with us, we don’t want to compromise. So, in an effort to find THE best ballistic app, let’s start off by classifying some of the options into specific groups.

  The first group we can label, “Manufacturer Products” – think Hornady, Winchester, Federal Premium, etc.

  Most of these apps do a decent job, they are routinely accurate enough, though they don’t have all the feature one regularly needs. The biggest limitation with this group is their ballistic library. Almost all of them only have selections for their products. If you are a true Winchester aficionado, you might be fine with their ballistic calculator, but on that one day you happen to use ammo from another manufacturer, you’re going to be in a tight spot. This is a limitation that many find prohibitive, and this position has a lot of merit.

  The second group we’ll call the “cheap and the free.”

  As with other products, there is always a roster of products at a very cheap price point, this is true for ballistic calculators and especially a ballistic app. We all know you get what you pay for, so the only thing to say about these products is buyer beware because you get what you pay for.

  The final group are those that are truly worth your time and consideration. Before we dive into the products more deeply, we are going to share one other filter – those that are delivered as a mobile app. We shoot in the field and we have these extremely smart devices in our pockets, so to consider a solution that isn’t a mobile app seems a little too old fashioned for us. Let’s embrace technology and use our ballistic calculator where we need them. After going through everything above, we are left with two exceptional products, Ballistic and Strelok.

  Strelok is a decent enough product, especially for the casual shooter and the hunter who goes through a half-dozen rounds right before deer season to get his or her rifle zeroed. Strelok has inputs for bullet caliber, type and weight, bullet velocity, ballistic coefficient, zero range, and sight height. Further inputs include air temperature and altitude as well as numerous reticle options so a shooter can see a representation of how his specific reticle will look when it is on target. All good and very necessary information. But after testing Strelok in detail, I’m left questioning whether it gathers enough data for true precision shooting? With all due respect to Strelok, I say, No.

  When you need to make precision shots repeatedly for your long-range shooting and hunting, you want an outstanding calculator, one that scores a clear “A.” You want Ballistic, the most accurate and feature-rich calculator on the market, complete with numerous ballistic and trajectory viewing options.

  The Ballistic App matches the world-renowned JBM ballistics engine, with its own proprietary library of over 5,400 different commercial and military projectiles and factory loads from leading manufacturers. Ballistic can and will calculate your shot factoring in the atmospheric conditions, Coriolis effect and gyroscopic spin, and provides ballistic charts so the shooter can compare the drop, energy and velocities for up to eight separate projectiles.

  Ballistic is the only app to offer what its calls its Advanced Wind Kit. This allows you to account for nearly any wind scenarios you may experience during shooting by supporting up to eight different winds sources. For example, let’s say you have a right-to left, 10MPH breeze at your rifle, but the target looks to have a left-orientated wind bearing down on it at half that speed. Using the Advanced Wind Kit, you simply input the two wind directions and speeds, and their locations, into your bullet profile. Ballistic will automatically tell you right where to place your reticle for a precision hit.

  Ballistic also has something else none of the other calculators possess: a full-screen heads-up display for real-time angle acquisition and one-touch atmospheric correction. It also features a full-screen Mil-Dot rangefinder. Diving further into Ballistic, its charting feature allows you to display the energy, velocity, and drop for your current projectile; and, you are able to compare up to eight projectiles together on the same screen. Your current atmosphere and zero are automatically applied to all your projectiles. That’s an “apple-to-apple” comparison!

  Ballistic also includes a digital target log book. This e-journal of your hunts, practices, competitions, groupings, and scores lets you scan past shooting experiences as an aid to understanding your current shooting.

  Other key features you’ll find on Ballistic include 3D-trajectory imaging, MOA and Mil-Dot reticles and atmospheric integrations.

  Lastly, and its important to mention, I found Ballistic to be one of the easiest ballistic calculators to use. Ballistic allows a shooter to easily input all data for each load, including ballistic coefficient, bullet weight, sight height, your zero range, and the load’s muzzle velocity. Once this data is inputted, simply save the rifle/bullet combination to your “Favorites” for easy access.? Handloads are easily entered and calculated, too.

  At the range or in the field, Ballistic lets you quickly and easily adjust for current weather conditions, altitude, and wind direction. And Ballistic does all this even in areas with no cellular coverage.

  For your precision shooting, never be without Ballistic App, the best ballistic calculator solution. Download Ballistic App today at WWW.BALLISTICAPP.COM.