[Toca Mystery House]House Plant Watering Reminder

2021-10-05 02:00:28

  Do you love the plants?

  Watering must be performed at various times for each plant. Set it up however you like. The treatment of houseplants varies depending on whether it is summer or winter. House plant watering may be hard but when you love plants and use our app it really get easier. You can easily add your flowers, blossom, succulent, cactus or any plants photo and never forget to water them. Great assistant for your home garden. Easily manage your plants, blossoms, flowers, succulents or any plant. Really easy to use application. You and Your plant always be happy with our application. Simple Track Every individual plant.

  We will help you! It’s a basic and lovely app that takes care of your houseplants alongside you. Customize watering plan for every plant, get notified, watch how plant grows by years and month,

  And above all, enjoy your home garden!

  Features in this version

  – Easy to use interface

  – Customizable watering calendar for every plants

  – Swiping easy for watering

  – Get notified

  – Add your plants pics easily