[EA MADDEN NFL 21]EA plans to publish a new work series on EAPLAY

2021-06-25 15:29:27

  recently,With the founders of the “Death Space” game, the “Carristo Agreement” of the “Carristo Agreement” in the TGA is announced, and it has caused extensive attention.Its original company EA is ready to re-picking this old IP that she holds the old IP.


  According to foreign media,EA plans to officially disclose a new message for the “Death Space” series of games in the upcoming EAPALY.This EAPLAY is scheduled to be officially held on July 22 this year.


  There is news,The publicly died of this publicly been responsible for the development and production of the game “Star Wars: Fighting Machine” issued by 2020.And this new work is not the sequel of the “Death Space” series.But the series of restartments.