[fortnite game informer]SypherPK begs Epic Games to slow down Fortnite crossovers

2021-10-10 05:37:54

  Fortnite streamer Ali “SypherPK” Hassan is sick of the battle royale’s constant crossovers.

  For the past few seasons, Fortnite has been heavy on its crossovers, including GI Joe, Alien, DC, Borderlands, John Wick, Halo, Ninja, and Marvel. Fortnite has also featured concerts with popular singers and even movie showings. Season 5 has been focused on these crossovers, bringing players tons of cosmetics but not many new items or meaningful changes to the game.

  Yesterday, SypherPK said that most of the recent updates had no impactful changes. While the crossovers helped Fortnite stand out and stay hyped, he is hoping Season 6 will be different.

  “Hopefully, in Season 6, I definitely want to see this slow down just a little bit. I still want the collaborations, but I think it’s time to shift the focus back towards the updates around the game.”

  By game updates, SypherPK specified that he meant new items, new weapons, and map changes. These changes would be more significant than an Ant-Man skin. SypherPK noted that players want fresh ideas instead of Epic Games’ developers just changing the weapon pool by adding vaulted weapons.

  While SypherPK feels that Chapter 2 has been “solid” overall, he is hoping that the developers started taking the game a bit more seriously. There is already a rumor that there is a new DC Comics crossover on the way, introducing new game modes and cosmetics to Fortnite. So it may be a little too late to ask for this big change. But maybe Epic Games will bring Fortnite back to basics in the future for people that don’t think shooting Master Chief as Ant-Man is enough.

  The crossover that started it all for Fortnite was Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel partnered with Fortnite developer Epic Games to promote its movie, and it seems to have been a great success.

  There are many crossovers in Fortnite. Chapter 2 Season 5 had a lot of crossovers on its own. This includes the Mandalorian, Kratos, Master Chief, Green Arrow, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Daryl Dixon.