[Bills Madden 21]Watson’s first round of the Buffalo Bills playoffs in 22-19

2021-06-25 15:53:15

  Watson jumped out of a possible sack.And calmly completed a pass,Thus, the winning shot score is established in the overtime.This is because Texas people rebound from the two bits of the second half.In the first round, beat the Buffalo Bills playoffs in 22-19.

  Deandre Hopkins is required to describe Watson on Saturday.Hopkins said: “I hope everyone has seen this show today.But he is great.”You can’t say too much about it.”


  Both teams slammed their first overtime.This is the first overtime game in the ACC game in January 2012.In Houston’s next game,Watson wore a sack,Playing it from another back to the body,Then play again,Then I found Taiwan.Jones set the first ball at the 34-yard reception.

  When the crowd of the NRG stadium is crazy,Watson has extended his arms – knowing their team has the ability to win again in the Hugsun season.”I tell yourself to stay night.”I mean,It is dying now.I just need to play a role.Watson said.

  Kami Fairbairn then kicked 28 × shots score,Bring Houston to victory.Texas (11-6) promoted the playoffs next weekend,They will face the Kansas City Emirates on Sunday.

  Texas has been promoted from the return of JJ Watt,The latter’s dismissal helped his team.In the 47-code shot of Stephen Hauschka, the score of 5 seconds left, forcing the overtime.Houston won 19 points and got a lead.

  Watson said: “In any case,We never give up.”” Everything you need to win the victory.I mean,We will continue to fight.”Watt was shocked to Watson’s performance.He said: “He made the performance at the end of the game,No one can do it.”This guy is really unbelievable.”I am very grateful to and luck to take him as my quarter.That’s why you have to play the entire game.”

  This is the first game that Watt sat down due to chest muscles since October.Watt said: “This is why you come back.”” I don’t know if I plan to come back to participate in so many games or so much extra time. “But these feelings,These emotions,These fans,These players,DESHAUN WATSON and everyone in the team,That’s why you come back.”

  This victory brings the Texas to the first season of the 2016 season.And enlarged Buffalo’s playoffs to six games,Their latest playoffs victory was in 1995.This is the first outer card fashion season since the wild horse team defeated the steel person from 29-23.In the 2011 season.

  The game reminds people to remember the recollection of big rolls in wildcards.Houston and Buffalo last in the playoffs were in a game called “the comeback”.Bill refreshed the largest return record in NFL history through 32 points of deficit 41 points.In the field poker game in 1993,The Hugs Oil Squadet is victorious at the time of Tower of 38.

  This time, Josh Allen and Bills (10-7) have established 13 points of leading advantages in the first half of the first half.And in the third section of Allen to start struggle at 16-0 lead.Coach Sean McDermott said: “He just wants to do too many things,The things we needed at the time became very extreme.”But in general,We just did not make enough play.”

  Watson passes 247 yards,Run 55 yards,Hopkins pass 90 yards.Watson is dismissed seven times,Or lead the Texas people to win,But Jerry Hughes, three times, led him to win the victory.After that, I hit 12 times.

  Allen threw 264 yards in the first quarter.Run 92 yards,And got a pass of the ball in a skill competition,But in the first show in the playoffs, I often feel uneasy.Houston has no offensive opportunities before resting in the midfield.There are 81 yards in the first half.This is that Hopkins have no pass since the 16th week of the 2017 season.

  When Hopkins helps them moving the ball in the 16th yards and 10 yards,They finally stayed in the second round of the third quarter.When Watson dragged two guards in the end area in 20 yards,Texas has shrunk leads to 10.

  Watson then jumped into the terminal area for 2 points,This makes Houston completed in 16-8,There are still 2 minutes left in Section 3.When Allen is fired by Wyitney Mercilus and faded,The Bill team began driving.Bill recovered by Jacob Martin in the 47th Buffalo competition.Houston scored 41 yards to reduce the score to 16-11 to take 11 minutes.

  Watson has been connected to Carlos Hyde in 5 yards.And Hopkins will be 5 minutes left in 2 o’clock.The Texas is leading 19-16.Hopkins accepted 41 yards reception in the first half of the game.

  When Elan is flying in a deliberation, it is punished for 14 yards.Buffalo lost the fourth place,Bill is in the scope of score in the next game.They insist on the end,Allen was dismissed by Jacob Martin.Drop the 19 yards,Pass the ball to Houston at a speed of 1:41.

  Allen said: “We didn’t perform the way you should,There is no performance you should.”” This is a real reason.They have played more competitions than us.Bill determined 38 yards of shooting score,Expand the leading advantage to 16-0.

  Allen has robbed 42 yards.This is Buffalo, the longest competition record this season.After the end of the two games,When John Brown throws 16 yards to Allen, it will be divided into 7-0,Bills have taken some spoofings.Brown’s pass swinging,But Allen must catch the ball although it is necessary to slow down.But still open.

  That is in the second quarter,Allen looks very frustrated,Later was recovered by Houston.But the game has been reviewed and overthrown.Buffalo won the ball in Houston 32.After Bill, you can’t move the ball.Make 40 yards of shooting score,The ratio is set to 10-0.

  The bill has added another 40-yield shot at the end of the second quarter.Push the leading advantage to 13-0 at the end of the half.Not very fast Houston de Andre Carter looks a major mistake,Because he started to win in the second half of the penalty area.And throw the ball to the referee without knees.Bill put it it,I thought they scored in this play.But the game has been reviewed.And determine the Carter “to give up”,So being called defender,Houston maintains the state of the ball.

  Watt’s Watt is surprised thatSaturday, he felt behind him.But for a while,He is a bit worried about his surgery that is unbearable.

  When he is preparing to dive, try to catch Allen,He wants to know if it may be the moment he hurt again.He said: “But I jumped down,Jump up,Jump up,Check it out,I looked at the doctor standing 10 feet.”” And I am like: ‘It doesn’t matter. “””

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