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  Tens of thousands of waves

  ”100-year call” in last week introduced the first season

  ”Call of the home”: Jingji State “

  There are 9 stories in the whole season.


  ”Yang Longan in 1942″, “The First Set of Hua Resources behind the Renminbi”, “In 1949, from Hong Kong to Beiping’s Particate Administration Road”, “Huayun” in the “Hai Liao”, “Lonely Bo-breaking”Nanxing Moo” “,” China Resources is bridge,Guangjiao Tianxia “,” 13 million tons of wheat in action “,” The Legend of the Three Express “,” The International Futures Market with the Sugar King “

  From tonight!tonight!tonight!Start

  Officially launched


  Since 1938 Hong Kong Central Ring

  There is a small business of “joint and rows”

  Generation of China Resources

  It is once again again

  Master’s call

  Take extraordinary wisdom and courage

  Jingji State,Never stop


  The first quarter “Call of Family” is in 1938 to 1970,How to break through the cover layer with trade, the story main line, the story of the country,The focus describes the tasks of China Resources and its predecessors to complete various countries.Helps new regimes to bother and a country’s new students,It shows the selflessness, dedication and not afraid of Hardware, dedication and not afraid.

  Featured moments,Sneak peek:


  1942 China,Anti-Japanese war is in full swing.Yang Long’an, founder of the joint and the predecessor of China ResourcesMany gold,Be alone,Wear all over the fire, cross the layer of mountain road,From the beginning of the spring to the late autumn,For half a year,Hiking 8000,Only for huge funds from Hong Kong,Hand it to the originally lost organization .


  Then I didn’t stop a moment.Turned and continued to walk into the fire,Continue to identify the business people,Dark strength for the new China .


  China in 1948,Beginning to prepare for the first new China who is doing the owner of the people.But the first political consultation meeting plans to hold in Beiping,Need a lot of democratic people who have been refuges in Hong Kong to participate.The reach of the map can be reached.In reality, it is as broken as a talent.


  General Feng Yuxiang’s accident,Let the central government began to re-examine the escort plan in grief.In the center of Yan’an,I once again thought that their layout in Hong Kong trading institutions – China Resources.In order to let those breathing can affect the safety north of the people,China Resources has developed the most detailed escort plan.


  When the red flag of the Liberation Army, the Red Flag is swept away from the land,China Resources also sent more than 1,100 democrats, patriotic overseas Chinese batch secret security sent to the liberation area.At the first CPPCC conference held in Zhongnanhai, Beiping, September 21, 1949These democrats transported by China Run,Voted a lot of solemn votes for the future of this country.


  Also prepared for new China,This time,It is the story of the first set of RMB printing.As the Liberation War enters the strategic counterattack,Along with the rhythm of Hongqi’s rolls,The economic system that was forced to be aligned due to segmentation was facing new challenges: the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to establish a unified bank.Print unified currency.


  But in the currency printed by various liberated areas across the country,Only Northeast Coins printed by the Northeast Bank of the Northeast Liberation Area can reach the gravure standard.The special paper printed is provided by China Run pre-entangled and import and export company far from Hong Kong.quickly,The central government has entrusted the task of purchasing the printing paper to China Resources.


  In the face of the need to calculate the total number of monetary surfaces,China Resources from Hong Kong to Southeast Asia,To the United Kingdom to the United States,I bought the futures from the spot . You countless print paper and put on China Run,Along with the pace of the Liberation Army South,Turn to a further liberated port,Lined a solid economic foundation for the regime of the new.


  New China finally established.But when we stay away from war,Also get rid of the trade blockade of the Western world,But I ushered in “three years of natural disasters”,Serious famine sweeping throughout China.Emergency imports to buy food tasks,I fell again to the Huay Revenge.


  Socialism with nearly 700 million people, because of the famine to purchase a large number of food to the Western world,Once you know the world,Not only the sensation news of the entire socialist camp,The food market in the whole world will therefore happen dramatic fluctuations.therefore,This is a top secret task that only successful success.


  In the face of this test psychology and wisdom, the company’s negotiations,Two China Resources Purchasing Groups in Australia and Canada,Under the empty sword knife,All successfully signed an agreement on food,The source is constantly running back to 13 million tons of wheat.Let more than 30 million compatriots get rid of survival threats,Help the Republic has passed the most difficult years.


  China in 1973,As a resource imported country,Valuable foreign exchange is always “harvest” by the international market.This is an embarrassment that the big country has to face.Facing 470,000 tons of sugar import demand,China Resources once again ended.


  It is another task that seems impossible to complete.Buy a lot of sugar on time,It is also necessary to consider tension foreign exchange funds.Can’t “Ming Zhe,”China Resources decided that bold attempts were considered the “futures” means of capitalism.So I found some years of cooperation for many years and understanding the market rules.”Asian Sugar” Guo Henian.


  After the procurement group and the perfect operation of Guo Henian in the international futures market,The answer that China Run ultimately handed over is,Not only is the task of purchasing sugar, but also in limited funds.Also gave the motherland to earn 2.4 million pounds,Injects important energy replenishment to barren motherland.


  From 1938, the moment from Hong Kong

  The family’s feelings are deeply imprintted

  China Run people’s body

  National salvation,National Trust,People’s needs

  It is the lighthouse that illuminates the way forward.

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