[Hitman 3 Series S]National Bank XBOX Series X / S will be officially launched on June 10th

2021-06-26 15:18:08

  Today (June 9),According to the news announced by Xbox official Weibo,Microsoft Director XBOX Series X and Xbox Series S will officially sell from June 10th,Log in to China with future host game experience.Xbox Series X and XBox Series S provide global players with high performance, immersive and compatible new generation host gaming experience.here,Microsoft welcomes passionate Chinese fans and we will step into the host game.

  The recommendations of the National Bank Edition Xbox Series X are priced at 3899 yuan.Xbox Series S is recommended for $ 2399.Consumers can start tomorrow,Through Microsoft’s official mall, Microsoft China Tmall official flagship store, Microsoft Jingdong self-operated official flagship store, Suning Tesco, 哩 哩 member purchase, Microsoft shake intelligence station,Uplined channels for Xbox game channel partners.

  ”Whether you are familiar with Xbox old friends,Still just join the new partner of the Xbox family,The Xbox team is sincere with the support of the majority of Chinese players!”The Vice President of the Microsoft Game Division said,” said”We know that everyone has long been looking forward to the new generation XBOX game host.With the official landing of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S,Everyone will witness more possible in the game.”


  With the launch of the new generation of Xbox hosts,Chinese players can both experience the fastest and strongest Xbox game on Xbox Series X,You can also pass compact and stylish Xbox Series s.Enjoy full digital new generation games with affordable prices.

  Xbox Series X | S is equipped with a special custom AMD new ZEN 2 processor and RDNA 2 architecture GPU.Under the power of Xbox fast architecture,Both new generation XBOX hosts support Quick Resume, faster load speed and maximum frame rate of 120 FPS,Let the player fully enjoy each game moment.Simultaneously,Innovative technologies such as Directx Light Tracking and Variable Rate Coloring (VRS) with hardware accelerationNew generation XBOX hosts can bring more immersive and smart games for players.

  ”The XBOX team firmly believes in the power of the game.The game can stimulate inspiration,Give us happiness,Let us interconnect each other,Even if we are outside,You can also share happiness through the game.here,We can’t wait to let everyone feel the new generation of gaming experience,Experience a new generation of Xbox with us.Play a new game,Enjoy the fun of the game with friends.”Phil Screws said.

  Xbox Series X | S is designed to provide players with a higher level of fidelity, speed and performance.The game running on Xbox Series X | S,Whether it is 23 Xbox game studios from Microsoft,Still other world top game developers and publishers,Can bring the players to the new generation of pictures and experiences.

  Through Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S,Players can span multiple generations,Play a wonderful game work,And in various aspects such as screen, operability.Xbox Series X | S will bring more stable frame rates, faster load speeds, and more clear and realistic images for players’ gaming experience.In addition,The existing Xbox One handle of the player, the steering wheel and the rocker can also adapt the Xbox New Generator and the game.

  With intelligent distribution technology (SmartDelivery),Xbox Series X | S When playing game works,The upgrade version of the game can be automatically obtained.With this technology,Whether in XboxSeries X, Xbox Series S is still running on Xbox One,Can get the game experience that is most suitable for the current host performance.

  XboxSeries X | S has a very fast load speed,Let players quickly enter the game,It also supports fast wake-up feature,Can keep multiple games in a pause state,Let players quickly switch between multiple games,Enjoy a seamless gaming experience.


  The introduction of XboxSeries X sets new benchmarks for the performance, speed, and compatibility of the new generation host.Xbox Series X is centered on players,Provide innovative technologies and features for the majority of players.With a graphics processing capability of 12 Teraflops and 4 times the CPU processing capability of Xbox One X,Xbox Series X can provide players with 4K HD realistic, immersive gaming experience.In addition,Under the promotion of Xbox fast architecture,The custom SSD of Xbox Series X 1TB will bring 40 times the I / O bandwidth of Xbox One.By achieving higher frame rate top technology, a broader complex game world,Xbox Series X will bring the players to the image processing and performance of the player.And a better immersion game experience.


  Xbox Series S is a full-digital game host,It is the smallest and stylish Xbox host.In Xbox Series X, the new generation of game experiences are provided for the majority of players with affordable prices.The thin design and ice and snow are used.It can naturally integrate the home environment and lifestyle of the player.

  Xbox Series S also brought players to define new generation gaming experience.With a CPU with Xbox Seriesx performance, and completely consistent I / O performance performance,XboxSeries s allows developers to bring the same excellent game performance for players at 60 FPS at 1440p resolution.Frame rate supports up to 120 fps,Bring the players to the new generation of games.In addition,Xbox Series S is equipped with 512GB custom SSD and the same Xbox fast architecture and performance performance as Xbox Seriesx.


  Xbox is a great play platform for the classic racing game “Extreme Racing” series.From June 10th,Chinese players can experience exciting racing games,Competition with racing, street drivers and pull rilters,Experience epic flying thrills.

  TURN 10 Studio “Extreme Racing” Vice President Alan Hartman said: “We are very happy to allow Chinese players to enjoy the” extreme race “on Xbox Series X | S brings a speed experience.”Extreme Racing” is one of the world’s largest racing game communities.We have can’t wait to see more players join this big family.”

  With AUTO HDR, FPS Boost, etc.Players favorite work will get better pictures and better gaming experiences on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

  In addition,There are still many new doors that are coming.Xbox Series X and XBox Series S have been favored by many excellent game developers and issuers, including 23 teams, including Xbox game studio.They will bring more new generations for players in the next few years.

  here,We sincerely invite you to June 10,Celebrate the New Year Xbox host to China.This is a day worth celebrating with friends, sharing happiness.Welcome the players to choose Xbox,Joyful players from all over the world with the Xbox gaming community.

  From June 10 to zero,Players can pass Microsoft official mall, Microsoft China Tmall official flagship store, Microsoft Jingdong self-operated official flagship store, Suning Tesco, 哩 哩 member purchase, Microsoft shake intelligence station,Uplined channels for Xbox game channel partners.Bank of China Edition Xbox Series X is recommended to sell 3899 yuan,Xbox Series S is recommended for $ 2399.