[Sniper Hitman 3]Assassin’s creed, walking dead, Star Wars . 2021 VR game IP masterpiece triggered a new wave

2021-06-27 19:38:43

  With the arrival of 2021,”Assassin’s Creed VR”, “Hitman”, “Hitman”, “Hitman”, “Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners”, etc. may be launched this year.More VR game updates and online also start to enter the right track.

  According to the inventory of the Tetrajun,The new rhythm of the Quest platform has not been significantly accelerated.The Steam platform will be on the data displayed by the current official website this year.More than 50 games that will be online in the past three months,There are also a lot of content on the Viveport platform.Although the PSVR will not be officially announced, it will be on the line,But there are also several big doctors worth looking forward to.

  Observe the game that is about to go online in 2021.The gyrchy discovered that the VR game type and the gameplay were more diverse.Among them, there is a slightly, the game of puzzle adventure is an important direction.Physics-based gameplay is increasingly favored by players,At the same time, cross-equipment online games will start to attract developers.The transplantation of classic games and IP adaptation remain continues.

  In 2021, all platforms will be on the game, the contents of the game will be very rich.The gyrchron has made a screening in some games and the game that will be on the next three months.References for friends who are interested in.


  With the launch of the Quest series,Rift S’s discontinuation,The old RIFT, GO, and Gearvr will gradually exit the stage.Quest series will become center of gravity,According to the official website,Quest platform has four games that will be online.

  1, “Star Wars Pinball VR” (Quest)


  Source: Oculus

  Classic IP “Star Wars” with Zen Studios, who is famous in the world of lap games, can I wrap how sparks?

  Zen Studios in Hungary launched “three-dimensional bulls fx” – a desktop ball game with the theme of Marble and Star Wars,”Zen Studios VR” has also been launched.this year,Zen Studios will launch the VR version of the star battle themeball game “Star Wars Pinball VR”.

  ”Star Wars Pinball VR” provides a fully immersive gaming experience,360-degree mini game with Star Wars Population,And can be customized to accommodate containers such as items such as virtual PM.In addition,The haptic feedback of the handle when the game will make the player have an experience of the real playball game.


  ”COSMODREAD” is developed by the single game development studio in Madrid, Spain,Is a VR game that survives horror themes,The game background is set to players being trapped in a spaceship that is about to destroy.It is necessary to find back to the Earth by exploring.

  The details of the game are rich,The picture is really high,Strong immersion,The moment is filled with terror and unknown atmosphere.The player experience will be accompanied by the layout, the change of the scene,So the player should respond to various emergencies.When encountering enemies,Players use wisdom,Use traps and the enemy to fight for the enemy in the case of limited ammunition.

  ”COSMODREAD” has been the best sound design award,It is selected to be selected with Oculus VR Jam selection,STEAM VR, OCULUS RIFT, and Oculus Quest platform will be on March 25.

  3, “Floor Plan 2” (QUEST)

  Source: Oculus

  ”Floor Plan” was first released in 2017,Manufactured by Turbo Button.Turbo Button is a small independent studio,Good at VR games set in the scene of “elevator”,”Floor Plan” is one of its representatives.

  ”Floor Plan” is a clear VR puzzle game,Combine cartoon to the elevator scene.The background of the game is set in a narrow elevator,Players in the process of treasure hunt,It takes a series of tightly stimulated elevator adventures.Each layer of the elevator will lead to another world.Corresponding to the world and the singular role,Players start a series of puzzles in the elevator.

  It is understood thatThe new version of the characters is more refined,Drawn from pure manual.The studio also optimized for VR.To provide a more comfortable gaming experience.

  The game will be on April 1 April Fool’s Day online QUEST platform.

  4, “Flow Weaver” (QUEST)


  Source: Oculus

  ”Flow Weaver” is developed by Stitch Media and Silverstring Medial,It is a VR game that sets magic and puzzle escape.This game is more special,Players are kidnapped on the chair,Only manual action,So the whole process of the game is sitting and experienced.Compare some lazy friends.

  Games involve magic,Therefore, the picture is full of magical immersive beauty.Players have switched in different fields through different magic, learn spells, puzzles,There will be a kind of cross-like experience.It is understood thatThe game has a complete voice dialogue, moving soundtracks, and rich narrative content for fantasy enthusiasts.

  Remove these 4 games,There is news that “Assassin’s Creed VR” may be on the line this year.It is mainly for the platform to Oculus.

  Source: Network


  Steam platform PC VR game is relatively rich,The new frequency is also very considerable,The Tuchun will do inventory with the work that is going online in the next three months.A total of 18 models.

  1, “Demagnete VR”


  Source: Steam

  ”DemagNete VR” is made from Bitcake.STUDIO studio production,The biggest feature of this game is that a puzzled adventure game that is magnetically inspired.Refer to unique magnetic mechanics in design.in the game,Players need to use electromagnetic gloves to solve problems,And to the mysterious underground cave.With the player moving to other caves,Magnetic strength will also change.

  The left and right hands of the player represent the positive and negative magnetic poles,On the basis of following physical and magnetic basic rules,Players can interact with the environment in the environment.Different objects will show an attraction or rejection.The puzzle in the game is combined by the objects in the game and physical rules.Can create new mechanics,Let players experience the sexy of physics in VR.

  The game will be on the first quarter.

  2, “Trial by TENG: A Twilight Path Adventure”


  Source: Steam

  ”Trial by TENG: A TWILIGHT PATH Adventure” is made by the famous atmosphere VR puzzle game developer.The developer produced VR adventure game “Form”, “Twilight Path” is welcome,Award award awards.The launched “Trial by TENG: A TWILIGHT PATH Adventure” combines ultimate and virtual reality in visual styles.And let Oriental Colors coexist with technology.

  in the game,Players are trapped in the “land”,Forced to separate from companions,Need to solve ancient puzzles,Search for help from weird supernatural NPC,Rescue friends,Open the door of hell,Successfully escaped.The game is a first-class level whether it is a picture.

  3, “VR Giant”


  Source: Steam

  ”VR GIANTS” is developed by independent developers Wolfgang Tschauko,Timely three years,The Kickstarter sponsorship was raised from 14730 euros through the public in July last year to enhance the quality of the work.The original raising target is 10,000 euros.In this crowdfunding activity,The Austrian government also provides two-fold financial support for its crowdfunding objectives.To improve the visual and auditory effect of the game.Therefore,The gyrchy is looking forward to the game.

  ”VR GIANTS” is a local multiplayer game,Support cross-platform connection,VR players play a stone giant role using the VR device,Non-VR players Control the other role in the PC.

  4, “I expect you to die 2”


  Source: Steam

  The “I Expect You to Die” series is produced by American game studio Schell Games,Is an adventure puzzle game,After the first part is online, it is well received.A large number of players make positive feedback to the studio.

  ”I Expect you to die 2″ as a sequel continues the original plot,in the game,Players will incarnate underground agents,Take a secret action to defeat the evil plan of Dr. Zor’s rule.According to reports,The second part will design new tasks and complex puzzles to test players skills.Drama,Decreased on the basis of the original work.In addition,The mood of the game has also been further optimized.

  5, “Davigo”


  Source: Steam

  ”Davigo” is made by Davigo Studio,It is an asymmetric game across equipment.The game picture style is similar to “My World”,in the game,PC players use smaller roles and use mini body to beat huge VR players.,

  The game innovation of the game innovation online gameplay and PC, the role of the VR, is rare in the VR game,Therefore, it is also received by many players.However, the specific online time is still not announced.

  6, “Wraith: The oblivion – afterlife”


  Source: Steam

  ”Wraith: the oblivion – afterlife” is made by well-known VR studio Fast Travel Games.This studio located in Sweden caused a lot of attention during the 2016 team, which caused a lot of attention due to the large number of game industry.It is understood thatThe team won the “Battlefield” series, “the edge of the mirror” DICE DICE,”Angry Bird 2″ game development group Rovio and other industries, big cattle,Have a rich experience of 3A-level excellent masterpiece development.”Wraith: The oblivion – insterlife” as the latest force is worth looking forward to.

  According to reports,This is a first person called VR terrorist exploration game.Background with modern Hollywood decadent and mysterious studies,Players play the role of the dead soul,Have a long-distance manipulation object,Change the surrounding environment,Wall and other skills.

  The feedback of the assessment player said that the game is both secret and strange.Make people’s spirit,Fear,But no can not bear.The game will be online on the STEAM platform on May 25.

  7, “Cooking Simulator VR”


  Source: Steam

  ”Cooking Simulator VR” VR version is made from Gameboom VR,The original is developed by Big Cheese Studio.The simulator class game has been popular,From the holiday simulator to the Microsoft Flight Simulator to this cooking simulator,It is a great popularity.It was transplanted to VR by a part.Let VR’s immersion inductiveness to strengthen its simulation.

  According to reports,This VR version allows players to unlock and master more than 80 recipes.Do dozens of real materials,Cook all the best dishes.And the gas stove, oven, mixer, etc.The pot bowl is all available.More than 120 kinds of ingredients,Includes fish meat fruits and vegetables, dairy products and various liquids.Players can even use rich flavors here.

  The game will be on the first quarter to go on the STEAM platform.

  8, “Sniper Elite VR” (sniper elite VR version)


  Source: Steam

  ”Sniper Elite VR” is launched by the British game developer and the publisher Rebellion,It is a famous “sniper elite” series VR version.According to reports,This version is re-created against VR,Will bring a more fierce battle for players,At the same time, more realistic weapons and landmarks have further enhanced their immersion.

  9, “Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher[VR]” (Pisces Jade)


  Source: Steam

  ”Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher[VR]” is a well-known PC game “Pish Jade” VR version,Developed by China Game Making Team Viva Games.The VR version will bring a spectacular scenery and immersion in the player to the PC.

  in the game,Players have a mystery that has a special mercenary in front of a special physique.Players came to Weizhou Island in the Legend of China.The protagonist of the crash after mysterious organisms is lost,The islands of the islands should be traces that they have a large number of human activities.

  Players need to face unpredictable threats, the terrible secret behind the detection,A mysterious origin of ancient Chinese legend gradually spread,A thrilling adventure,This is expanded.

  10、《Mocap Fusion [ VR ]》(全身动捕)


  Source: Steam

  《Mocap Fusion [ VR ]》由Animation Prep Studios制作推出,It is an immersive room moving sandbox VR game,The facing population is mainly to create and export motion capture animations using conventional VR hardware, or create real-time artists and animation producers.

  Just a VR HMD and two controllers,Users can create actions on their own avatars.Advanced users can also create a more detailed arrest, including full-body tracking.And can be with other sensors,For example, Apple iPhone Truedepth sensor and Oculus Quest 2 gesture identification portfolio,To achieve synchronization of virtual images,This fusion of multiple sensors can be combined in combination of multi-layer motion capture in single shooting.Including: full body tracking, facial capture, synchronous port type,Net tracking and optical finger tracking.

  11, “Maskmaker”


  Source: Steam

  ”Maskmaker” was developed by French game studio inNerspaceVR,The representative of InnerSpacevr is a VR puzzle game “A Fisherman’s Tale” screen exquisite and deep,And ingeniously blended God’s perspective,Widely acclaimed.”Maskmaker” is another power of this studio.The studio has made a record of the game on the game to tell the post-creative story of the game.

  ”Maskmaker” uses a hand-painted style similar to “a fisherman’s tale” on the style of painting.The picture is very mysterious,It is still very unexpected on the role choice and is very deep.Players play the apprentice of the mask manufacturer in the mysterious world,During the process of learning and making masks,From a mask to another,From a puzzle to another puzzle,Players need a step by step to find out that there seems to be behind him,Unveil his true face.

  The game will be on the line of Steam on April 20.

  12, “Space Slurpies” (VR version greedy snake)


  Source: Steam

  In the casual game,”Greedy Snake” as a classic alien game with many years of history,Whether it is nostalgic version or the current mobile phone online version,Always popular,And on this basis, the “Ball Big Battle” and other popular mobile games are derived.

  this time,VR Game Development Team Starcade Arcade LLC introduces “greedy snake” into VR,Launched “Space Slurpies” – VR version of “Greed Snake”,Colorful little snake snake becomes player open the arm of the arms in the three-dimensional space.The game will be online on the STEAM platform on April 16.Friends who like this kind of casual game can consider trying.

  13, “Battle Talent”


  Source: Steam

  ”Battle Talent” is developed by CrossLink,The biggest feature is that a VR action game with advanced physical functions,Can meet players’ battle fantasies.in the game,Players can choose a variety of combatations such as cutting, fall, hook, hit, smash, sprouts.According to reports,”Boneworks” has a delicate and cool character modeling, realistic knife sword sound effect,And a highly born background music.

  The true sense of VR, the immersion sensation is fitted with the physical game mechanism,Therefore, VR games based on physical gameplay have become more and more recognized.”Boneworks” as the representative of last year,Selling 100,000 in the first week and single-week camps received more than 3 million US dollars.”Battle Talent” has been a lot of attention from the Reddit community,The Steamv platform will be on April 2nd.

  14, “Soulace” (death experience)


  Source: Steam

  This year, the April Fool’s Day will have “Soulace” in the VR game of the online.The game is made by Sander Bos,The game is inspired by the book of “Tibet’s Dead”.Background is set in the place between life and reincarnation,The selected angle is quite: the soul belt players cross the death world,Let the players are immersed in a beautiful and relaxed meditation environment.

  This trip is related to the meditation of life.Designed to reflect the death of our humanity with poetryGiven its meaning and aesthetics.According to reports,The game also uses the inspiration of VR Central Asia Tertys and mysterious games.Use the game mechanism to point to and click.

  15, “Cook-Out”


  Source: Steam

  ”Cook-Out” is made by the well-known VR game creation team of Sweden.Resolution Games specializes in making leisure VR / AR games,Has been produced “Acron”, “Bait!”Waiting for a variety of popular VR games,I have also launched “Angry Birds” VR version with Rovio.

  ”Cook-Out” is a multi-person cooking VR game,Style is similar to “Angry Birds VR: Pig Island”,In the game, players need to prepare food for hungry magic creatures.At the same time, we have to deal with various customers who make trouble.

  The game will be on the STEAM platform in this spring.

  16, “VR Chinese Garden Tour (HD): Flying As a Dragonfly”


  Source: Steam

  VR + tourism is mostly in the political and enterprise project,But slowly such works began to appear in the consumer market,”VR CHINESE GARDEN TOUR (HD): Flying As a Dragonfly” is a one that is about to be online.The game is made by the William At Oxford team.

  The view of the game is selected as a dragonfly.Players can choose to take the dragonfly or become a dragonfly to experience and visit the ancient gardens of China.

  17, “Days of Heroes: D-Day”


  Source: Steam

  ”Days of Heroes: D-Day” is made by Poland Developer Zen Apps Studio,Is a VR military shot game,The background of the story is set during World War II,A high-war experience is designed to provide the player with a complete and real World War II experience.

  The Allies raided the neutral coast,Players will play a soldier in invading troops.Successfully landed in Normandy under the dark cover.That is, the famous historical event “Normandy land”,Special game background has made the game a lot of attention.

  According to reports,This provides two roles for players to choose,Set 26 tasks,There are four different game modes.

  18, “Area Man Lives”

  Source: Steam

  ”Area Man Lives” is made by Numinous Games,It is understood thatThe game is a fantasy game “Untethereed” for Google Daydream platform.A desired plot aimed at completion.In the new VR game,Numinous Games will have produced PC game “That Dragon, Cancer “DJ, radio and other elements are brought into it.

  The biggest feature of the game is rich in interaction.Players can join the radio drama being played,Conversation with the role,Record advertising,Interview with caller, etc.When there is a suspicious person to access the phone request help,Players need to make emergency processing.


  The ViveProt platform will be on the online game, 21 models are currently displayed.It will have four games in the near future.

  1, “Maskmaker”

  Will be online on April 20th,The foregoing has been introduced,No longer.


  Source: Viveport

  2, “Sleep Tigh”


  Source: Viveport

  ”Sleep Tight” is made by BearfoxBear,It is a horror tower anti-game for a zombie theme.Players need to survive in the wave of zombies.According to reports,Every night will have different new monsters,Different monsters need to use different methods,When the player is hit three times,The game will end.The game will be on the line of the VivePort platform in March.

  3, “Tutankamon”


  Source: Viveport

  ”Tutankamon” is developed by FranpeRez3D,It is a game set in the tomb of the Egyptian law,Players explore in the virtual tomb.The game will be on March 26 to the VivePort platform.

  4, “Naau: The Lost Eye”


  Source: Viveport

  ”Naau: The Lost Eye” is a VR action adventure game made by GameBit, Turkish game studio.The game is rich in plot,Players have rich weapons and skills in the game combined with magic.For example, back the kman, bow, stick, fireball, magic stone, etc.Sometimes I even need to pick up the stick, the iron shield is used as a weapon, shield,Interact with the environment.

  Considering that some players may have dizzy feelings to VR,In the game design,Players can switch remotely,The specific switching method is divided into three types: free movement, transmission,And long-distance transfer.The game will be on the VivePort platform on April 29.

  PlayStation VR

  The PSVR platform does not officially declare which games will be appointed this year,But there are several masterpieces worthy.

  1, “alvo”

  Source: PSVR

  Effect of factors such as epidemics,A variety of works of the original 2020 online were delayed.”Alvo” is one of them.This is made from the “Intelligence Race Night” production team Mardonpol,”Counter-Terrorism Elite” is known as the VR.

  According to reports,As a first person, shooting game,”Alvo” PSVR version is designed around the PS AIM controller,Is a small number of psvr platforms,Some netizens have a high hope,Looking forward to the game can fill this gap.Currently,The specific online time is undecided.

  2, “humanity”


  Source: PSVR

  ”Humanity” is also originally released in 2020,The post-release release.The game is launched by the Japanese famous interactive design studio Tha Ltd’s studio ENHANCE GAMES in the studio,Enhance Games has launched the VR version “Russian Square Effect”, “Rez: Unlimited”, etc.They are widely praised.

  It is understood that”Humanity” is exclusive for PSVR,The game is interactive with human role.Its gameplay is similar to “lemmings”,Support hundreds of players to join the same game.It is very shocking from the announced trailer.If friends with intensive phobia are cautious.

  These games are only screening from the perspective of the gyrchy.For your reference only.


  The above game is only part of the VR game in 2021,But from this part of the game,The gyrchy can also see the influence of VR development on VR game industry in the past year and the trend of Game development in 2021.

  on the one hand,Since the release of Quest 2 in October last year, I got a successful success.Brought the number of VR game players, DAU, MAU, etc.Many game sales have also achieved great growth.Quest Single Platform Income is more than 1 million US dollars. The number of games is 60+.So in the business level,The income and user growth of VR game boosted the confidence of the VR content market,Great attractions have also been made to developers.

  on the other hand,In these games mentioned above,It can be seen that the FPS game proportion is gradually declined.The cause of this phenomenon is the type of VR game proportion to the type of risk, puzzle, puzzle, and recreation, etc.It is foreseen that the VR game in 2021 shows a diversified development situation.In addition,We can also see,There is a new type of game of PC + VR player linkage, cross-platform online, etc.And the emergence of this phenomenon also proves thatThe idea of game developers is gradually open,VR has also brought more possible possibilities to game development.

  This VR game market and the development will of VR game developers have shown increasingly positive states.There is an important role in building a healthy VR game ecology.Especially the current domestic VR game developer support plan is also vigorously promoted.Such mutual combination,Not only can help develop enthusiastic developers,Meet the market needs of growth,Create more excellent VR games,It is also possible to gradually establish a rich and mature VR game ecology.