[Madden 21 Near ME]One lesson: New Concept English Book 2 Episode 70

2021-06-27 19:52:59

  One lesson, one question: New Concept English 2 Volume 69

  [Answer]The Girl Had Been Waiting for Two Hours Being Called to Give Evidence.

  [Requirement]This question exams how to change the clause to the phrase structure.When the master is consistent with the subject,If you want to change the clause to a phrase,Can remove the subject,Then change the verbs of the predicate part to the form of word.If the predicate part is a passive structure,It can be changed to the form of Being Done or Having Been Done.


  [This period]

  Below we continue to share this week’s key sentence or grammar for the “New Concept English 2”.First read the text:

  First, the text of the text

  Lesson 70 Red for Danger

  During a bullfight, A Drunk Suddenly Wandered Into The Middle of The Ring. The crowd began to shout, But The DRUNK WAS UnaWare of The Danger. The Bull Was Busy with The MataDor at the Time, BUT IT SUDDENLY CAUGHT SIGHT OF THE DRUNK WAVING RUTING RUTE Remarks and Waving a red Cap. Apparently Sensitive to criticism, The Bull Forgot All About The MataDor and Charged At The DRUNK. The Crowd Suddenly grew quiet. The DRUNK, However, Seemed Quite Sure of Himself. When the Bull Got Close To Him, He Clumsily Stepped Aside To Let IT Pass. The Crowd Broke Into Chem and The DRUNK BOWED. By this Time, However, Three Men Had come into keto the ring and the quickly Dragged The DRUNK TO Safety. Even the Bull Seemed to Feel Sorry For Him, For It looks. .

  You can buy the official textbook for “New Concept English” by following it below:

  Second, key sentence type or grammar

  This course is mainly learning the usage of the preposition.Learn to learn the matching method of “adjective + preposition”,The common methods listed in this lesson are:

  Common adjectives with for match are:

  EAGER, ENOUGH, Famous, FIR, Qualified, READY, Responsible, Sorry, Sufficient

  Such as:

  When My OWN SON WAS FIVE YEARS OLD, I Became Eager for Another Baby.

  My son is 5 years old,I especially want to have a child.

  He Takes The View That Children Are Responsible for Their Own Actions.

  His view is that children should be responsible for their behavior.

  (2) with with

  Common adjectures with with with with with:

  Angry, Busy, CONSISTENT, CONTENT, Familiar, Patient, Popular

  Such as:

  New Goals Are Not Always Consistent with The Existing Policies.

  The new goal is not always consistent with the current policy.

  She is not only talented but immensely Popular with Her Colleagues.

  She not only is talented, not only.And I am deeply loved by colleagues.


  Common adjectives with the OF-to-use:

  AfRaid, Aware, Capable, CERTAIN, ConsCIOUS, Envious, Fond, GUILTY, Ignorant, Independent, SHORT, Shy, Worth

  Such as:

  The Larger Firm Was Capable of Providing A Better Range of Services.

  Larger companies can provide a range of better services.

  Students Should Aim To Become More Independent of Their Teachers.

  Students should strive to gradually reduce the dependence on teachers.

  (4) TO

  Common adjectures with TO matching:

  CLOSE, Contrary, Cruel, Equal, FAITHFUL, Fatal, Identical, InDifferent, Inferior, LIABLE, Previous, SENSITIVE, SIMILAR

  Such as:

  The Smell Is Very Familiar to Everyone Who Lives Near a Bakery.

  People who live near the bakery are familiar with this smell.

  The Animals Are Very Sensitive to Disturbance and Have Never Bred in Captivity.

  These animals are very sensitive to external interference.And never been taken.


  Common adjectives with AT matching:

  Bad, Clever, Efficient, Expert, GOOD, Indignant, Quick, Slow, Skillful

  Such as:

  People Said That She Was Very Clever At Music and Was a Very Nice Girl.

  People say that she has music talent,It is a good girl.

  She Was Very Had Been Treated.

  She is very light for her treated.

  (6) FROM / IN / ON / ABOUT

  Common adjectives with from FROM are:

  Away, different, FAR, Safe

  Deficient, Fortunate, Honest, WEAK

  Common adjectives with ON matching:

  Common adjectures with About matching:

  CURIOUS, DoubTful, ENTHUSIASTIC, Reluctant, Right, Uneasy

  Such as:

  The AIMED to make the country Safe from Terrorist Attacks.

  They try to cause the country to avoid the attack of terrorists.

  He’s been weak in wellness since childhood.

  He is not good at children.

  We Are Not Very Keen on Floral Patterns and Fussy Designs.

  We don’t really like floral pattern and too cumbersome design.

  Don’t Be Too Curious About Things you are not support to know.

  Don’t ask if you don’t know what you know.


  Third, a class

  According to the important grammar points in this lesson,Let’s practice it,Please fill in the appropriate preposition below.

  1. I Admit That I am Inferior _____ him in many respects.

  2. I was not conscious_____ hat.made a misteake.

  3. SHE IS intent _____ getting the job done quickly.

  4. Be honest _____ business and fair to the people of all ages.

  5. I’m angry _____ him for Being Careless in His Work.

  6. IT Makes Me More Qualified _____ a good job.