[IMDB Scott Pilgrim]British drama Anne Bolin is only 1 for the audience from the audience because it is too correct.2

2021-06-27 19:58:20

  ”Anne Boleyn is a mini British drama first broadcast on June 1 this year.The show tells the story of the second wife of the British King Henry Erchart Tudor to compete for the throne of Elizabeth,However, broadcast to now its score on the IMDB platform is only 1.2 points (full range of 10 points).


  Most audiences are very dissatisfied with the Black actress Judy Tidner-Smith to play the British queen.Some audience said that they can’t imagine the white actors to play a historical role in history.There is also the audience saying that the first script is not bonded.And it can also be seen on the line to see its imitation of Shakespeare.


  Compared with the audience’s spicy evaluation,The score given by the film and television criteria is much higher.The Guardian and the “Daily Mail” played Samsung (full of five stars),Imperial magazine gives 5 points (full 4 points),They also praised Judy Turner-Smith’s acting.


  The actor Turner-Smith also responded to the dissatisfaction of the audience,She said that it did not feel unexpected.But she also pointed out that the opera intention is to say that the story of a particular person,And ignore the racial problems.