[First Re Zero]MLB First Pitch Baseball Public Welfare Class Chongqing Beibei Station Launched

2021-06-28 00:59:16

  Chongqing in summer,Baseball seems to have weather,It’s more hot.At the end of May, the MLB CUP Youth Baseball Spring Open Chongqing Station,June 16 MLB First Pitch Baseball Public Welfare Class Chongqing Beibei Station Activities is started in the Chongqing Beibei District,The boom of the baseball continues in Chongqing.


  This event,Sponsored by MLB aestheticsChongqing Beibei District Education Commission, Beibei District Sports Bureau, Chongqing Floorball Association and other units give guidance and support.Under the guidance of the MLB professional baseball coach,The students of Chongqing Beibeiyuan Primary School participated in a vivid and interesting baseball physical education class.Although never exposed to baseball projects,But the students’ participation is enthusiastic,The course is carried out in a laughter.Everyone experienced the most basic leading ball in baseball, hitting the ball, running a running action,Classmates under the game are actively communicating,Modeling action of mimics coach.


  MLB awareness of the general manager of China’s directors in China, said,MLB First Pitch Baseball Less Less Lesson Courses Designed by MLB Professional Coach,I hope that children can have a preliminary understanding of baseball through public welfare courses.Ability to feel and experience the fun of baseball,Thus exciting children’s interest in baseball.After the baseball public welfare class,MLB will also target physical education teachers,And provide corresponding equipment,Let the baseball gradually rooted in the campus.I hope this time, I have an opportunity with a baseball public welfare.In the future, Beibei District can come out of more baseball “champion”.Let the “Bar Youth” all over the campus.


  Since 2007, I have entered China.MLB has always been committed to popularizing and promoting baseball.Especially in adolescent education.From the founding of the MLB Baseball Development Center,To launch “MLB First Pitch Baseball Public Welfare Class”,For more than many years, you will continue to promote youth baseball events.MLB has gradually built and improve the whole system of adolescent baseball talents.

  MLB First Pitch Baseball Public Welfare Less Lesson is the source,The most solid cornerstone in the development of the baseball movement in China.Since the official launch of the baseball public welfare course last year,Already settled in Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing, Yangzhou, Zhongshan, Haikou, Hangzhou and other cities,After the Chongqing Beibei Station,Public welfare courses will also be launched in many cities such as Changsha.Help the diversification of campus sports.


  Jing Deqiang, deputy director of the Competitive Department of Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau, Pang Zhong, Chongqing Bar Sports Association, Pang Zhong, Yang Yu, Comprehensive Academic Chief of the Beibei District Education Committee, Chen Yang, director of the Sports Development Center, Beiyi District, and Li Yulin, Party Secretary of the Beibei DistrictAttend the launching ceremony of the day.