[Re Zero S3]S3 line is included in the National Development and Reform Commission for long-term planning

2021-06-28 01:07:12

  The city should develop,Transportation must be first.The city railway S1 line serially from Jiaojiang, Luqiao and Wenling,Become a commuter railway that is the first north and south of the city.The construction progress is taken on “Expressway”.Simultaneously,The city railway S2 lines running throughout Taizhou City are further clarified.Just recently,The National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Multi-level Rail Transit Plan” in the Yangtze River Delta Region (hereinafter referred to as “planning”),City Railway S3 lines are included in the planning of the long-term planning layout project.

  Convenient travel has always been the focus of public concern.The S2 line of the first tail station has been published by netizens.In “planning”,The partial details of the S2 line adjustment were announced.adjusted,S2 line is the starting point in Beiyang Town, Huangyan District,The line is mainly laid along Huangyan City, Taizhou Station, Taizhou Central Station, Civic Square, Taizhou Bay New District.Take the drone town,About 62 kilometers long,The direct engineering cost is about 16.1 billion yuan.

  Construction S1 line and planning S2 line,The full coverage of the pepper yellow road city will be realized.Measuring the needs of Taizhou “Nuclear, Two, Level 4, Three Strings, Three Pieces, Networked” Structure,Further optimize urban traffic structure,Improve residents’ travel conditions.

  In terms of railway traffic,”Plan” also brought the trunk railway in Ningbo to Wenzhou.According to “Plan”,Ningbo is 270 kilometers in the long run area of Taizhou to Wenzhou.Estimate investment of 45.9 billion yuan.Taizhou Station in Taizhou,Will be the III hub of the Jianhang Railway to plan Ningbo, Taizhou to Wenzhou,And at the construction S1 line, plan S2 lines,Co-integrated III hub,Become an important part of the Long Triangular Railway Network.

  Currently,The S1 line construction work is steadily advanced.According to the project plan,The first phase of the S1 line is expected to be completed in 2022 to achieve trial operation.By then,Jiaojiang to Wenling City is only half an hour.The S2 line first phase project has been admitted to the various work in an orderly manner.The specific details will be announced after the project approval.