[Cobra Kai Strike First]quite unusual story,Paul Walker’s Viper Shelby Cobra Fam

2021-06-28 01:18:33

  The late “Speed and Passion” series of film starring Paul Walker is known as a large number of personal car collection,Favorites a variety of special vehicles,And this 1965 shelby 427 Cobra CSX1010 is one of them.


  Provided by Mecum Auctions,The name behind this Fam version cobra is a quite unusual story.


  FAM is actually an abbreviation of “ferrari’s @ss is mine,It refers to the competition of Carroll Shelby and Ford and Ferrari.What is more ironic is thatThe car uses Ferrari iconic Rosso Corsa painted with brown yellow leather interior.This derivative model is delegated by Carol Shelby in the end of the 1990s.The whole vehicle uses the FAM badge and instrumentation.The CSX1000 series of cobra has only produced 14 vehicles.Only two of them are FAM versions.Only the status of this car can be described.


  Appearance,In addition to the previously mentioned Rosso Corsa painting and tan interior,The car also adopted a manual rolling aluminum body created by Ac Cars.In addition,It also has stainless steel rolling rolling roller, Selby custom carpet, 15-inch original style steering wheel, S / C dashboard layout, and 15-inch-pin drive wheels of Halibrand style.


  In terms of performance,The car adopted shelby 427 Fe 468 V8 engine.Output 550 horsepower.In addition,It is also equipped with a Tremec TKO600 5-speed manual gearbox, four-wheeled independent suspension, gear rack steering, oil cooler and a double fan aluminum sink, Shelby aluminum differential housing and Wilwood brakes with Shelby calipers.


  This COBRA is not only commissioned by Carol Shelby.Have owned by Paul Walker,And it is still an extremely rare iconic car.