[Stronghold Warlords Gry Online]Aboriginal people reported the US government: illegal land 160 years,Also want to transfer to the mining enterprises

2021-06-28 01:23:19

  [Wen / Observer Network Long Yu]The US government plans to approve it in mid this month.Put a 980 hectare land to the Australian Mining Giant Rio Tinto Group (Rio Tinto) joint venture company,Used in copper project development.

  however,This piece of land near Phoenix, Arizona, USA,It is regarded as “the home of religious gods” by local Americans.Aboriginal people have opposed this land replacement.These two days,They not only launch the US government,It also asked the court to decide the government “illegally occupied land for 160 years.”


  Reuters report screenshot: Aboriginal people said,The United States does not have the land that is about to transfer to Rio Tinto Group

  According to Reuters on the 15th,To capture the control of the above land,The latest efforts made by the Aboriginal tribe “San Carlos Apache” areAsk the court to rule “The US government illegally occupies this land for more than 160 years.And there is no right to transfer it to anyone.”

  12th this month,The tribe once prosecuted the US government in the Phoenix Court.On the 14th,The tribe is submitted to a property Lien application.

  A non-profit organization “Apache Stronghold” (Apache StrongHold) said in a court document on behalf of the tribe.”The United States of America does not have this land.”This organization also said recently.”The US government handed our holy land to foreign mining companies.This hinders that we are engaged in religious activities.”

  This land is called “Oak Beach” (Oak Flat).Chi’chil Bildagotee,It is the center of the traditional religion of the Apache tribe.The region is located in Top (Tonto) National Forest in East Anti-Range of 30 miles (about 112 km).

  Australia, “Sydney Morning News” said on the 14th,Oak beach This land is about 980 hectares.Living on this land and nearby San Carlos Apacus tribes have 1.70,000 people,It is one of the 11 Aboriginal tribes in the Americas.Report thatThe US government has plans to approve land replacement on the 15th of this month.Transfer the land to Resolution Copper for copper project development.

  Resolution Copper is a joint venture,Rio Tinto Group has 55% of the company,BBB will have 45% shares.The company said thatThey plan to develop copper development projects in the United States.There will be potential to meet nearly 25% of copper demand in the United States in 40 years.

  Year 2014,The US Congress and the Time US President Barack Obama approved a plan.Let Rio Tinto Group use the land they already have.To replace the oak beach this land.

  however,Reuters introduction,Before the existence of the United States,The minerals under this land belong to local Americans.In 1852,US government officials signed a land treaty with the Zeng Apache tribe.The treaty will use the land of oak beach to use the Apach.current,This treaty is still valid.

  Report pointed out,Rio Tinto Group promised to obtain the consent of the tribe when obtaining this land.but,Even if the Rio Tinto Group has received land control,The company still needs to be licensed by the US federal government.

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