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2021-07-08 13:56:14

  Etrian Odyssey Nexus for the Nintendo 3DS

  The Etrian Odyssey series is typically known for its dungeon crawling and mapping feature. One of the best things about it, however, are the countless party lineups you can put together — a tradition that continues in “Etrian Odyssey Nexus.”

  Boasting a whopping 19 playable classes that span the series’ history as well as a new Hero class to boot, there’s definitely a lot of possibilities here for players who enjoy coming up with all sorts of party lineups.

  On that note, here are 11 party class combinations to help you get started. These lineups are based on the official Japanese guide for “Etrian Odyssey X,” which is what EO Nexus is called over there. Keep in mind that this is not a Top 11 list but simply a collection of some fun combinations to potentially try out.

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  The list basically includes the class combinations, suggested subclasses?and key moves or skills to have. I also might update this guide with descriptions for the skills mentioned in case folks find that useful. Now onward to our list:

  Front line: Hero, Protector, SovereignBack line: Arcanist, Harbinger

  This party boasts great defense and survivability for players who want to steadily advance through the campaign. You have a beefy front line that consists of classes that can equip shields while the backline features characters that can debuff, bind, heal, cure and revive. Everyone also has skills for recovering HP while both the Hero and Protector can use defensive skills, making this group’s survivability excellent. To compensate for its lack of high offensive power, though, make sure to use subclasses that help boost offensive performance.

  Hero (Subclass: Landsknecht)

  Physical Shield (シールドアーツ)Great Bravery (大勇)Guard Rush (ガードラッシュ)

  Protector (Subclass: Imperial)

  Healing Wall (ヒールウォール)Recovery Guard (リカバリーガード)Taunt (挑発)

  Sovereign (Subclass: Highlander)

  Royal Veil (ロイヤルベール)Reinforce (リインフォース)Prevent Order (予防の号令)

  Arcanist (Subclass: Ninja)

  Chain Circle (腕封の方陣)Charm Eye (魅了の邪眼)Dismiss Heal (破陣:命脈活性)

  Medic (Subclass: Harbinger)

  Refresh (リフレッシュ)Revive (リザレクション)Heal-All (エリアヒール)Front line: Landsknecht, Sovereign, ImperialBack line: Zodiac, Gunner

  A party that includes characters of every damage type, this lineup is ideal for players who want to be able to respond to any enemy. The lineup includes classes that can deal cutting, stabbing and bashing damage as well as fire, ice, lightning and even non-elemental attacks. This flexibility provides plenty of advantages against enemies on the field, especially if you want more material drops from monsters. The Sovereign is especially handy in this lineup due to his or her ability to enchant ally weapons with elements via the class’ Arms skills. Sovereigns also can take part in the attack by using Element Bombs.

  Landsknecht (Subclass: Imperial)

  Double Strike (ダブルストライク)Blazing Link (リンクフレイム)Full Break (フルブレイク)

  Sovereign (Subclass: Protector)

  Fire Arms (ファイアアームズ)Attack Order (攻撃の号令)Element Bomb II (エレメントボムⅡ)

  Imperial (Subclass: Hero)

  Flame Drive (フレイムドライブ)Accel Drive (アクセルドライブ)Sharp Edge (シャープエッジ)

  Zodiac (Subclass: Medic)

  Fire Star (炎の星術)Ether Shot (エーテルシュート)Dark Ether (ダークエーテル)

  Gunner (Subclass: Shinobi)

  Charged Fire (フレイムチャージ)Scattershot (掃射)Ricochet (跳弾)Etrian Odyssey Nexus for the Nintendo 3DSFront line: Ronin, Nightseeker, FarmerBack line: Survivalist, Medic

  So what did you name your farmer? I named mine Monsanto and he plays a big role in this interesting little lineup. If you’re looking to maximize your party’s ability to gather and explore more efficiently from dungeons, this party allows you to more easily collect stuff while still being able to hold your own during encounters. This lineup allows you to leverage its members’ strengths to gather materials in the field such as the Farmer’s Nature’s Bounty and Double Chop for getting more mats (with a higher chance for rares) and the Medic’s Scavenge for increased monster drop rates. All those synergize well with the Survivalist’s Sorting Skill, which increases your inventory space. Patch Up, meanwhile, lets you restore party members’ HP after battle while Survival Skill lets you recover HP and TP while exploring. This means you can roam dungeons for an extended period of time before needing to return to town. The lineup also boasts nice speed in battle plus the ability to inflict sleep on foes.

  Ronin (Subclass: Landsknecht)

  Swift Stance (居合の構え)Speed Up (素早さブースト)Petal ?Scatter (散華)

  Nightseeker (Subclass: Hero)

  Auto-Spread (先制スプレッド)Sleep Throw (睡眠の投刃)Sand Throw (盲目の投刃)

  Farmer (Subclass: Ninja)

  Survival Wisdom (生存の知恵)Nature’s Blessing (自然の恩恵)Double Crop (二毛作)

  Survivalist (Subclass: Harbinger)

  Risk Perception (危機感知)Sorting Skill (整頓)Sneak Attack (奇襲)

  Medic (Subclass: Gunner)

  Safe Passage (警戒斥候)Scavenge (博識)Patch Up (戦後手当)?Front line: War Magus, Nightseeker, HarbingerBack line: Arcanist, Ninja

  Are you the kind of person who enjoys using characters like Gengar, Breloom and Skarmory to torment little kids who use Legendaries when playing Pokemon? Then this team is for you. This lineup basically makes the life of the monsters you face a living hell. Not only can this party weaken their condition via binds and status effects. It also includes classes that can use attacks that get additional effects when a foe has a status condition. Because when it rains trolls, it really pours.

  War Magus (Subclass: Hero)

  Random Disease (巫術:乱疫)Strength Slash (巫術:霊攻衰斬)Mind Drain (吸気)

  Nightseeker (Subclass: Shinobi)

  Proficiency 夜賊の心得Foul Mastery (闇討マスタリ)Swift Edge (スウィフトソード)

  Harbinger (Subclass: Farmer)

  Wilting Miasma (虚弱の瘴気)Stifling Miasma (縛弱の瘴気)Chaos Reap (禍乱の鎌)

  Arcanist (Subclass: Highlander)

  Hood Circle (頭封の方陣)Status ATK Up ( 抑制攻撃ブースト)TP Return (TPリターン)

  Ninja (Subclass: Pugilist)

  Proficiency (忍びの心得)Ninpo: Daggers (忍法 含針)Ninpo: Mirror (忍法 水鏡)Etrian Odyssey Nexus for the Nintendo 3DSFront line: Highlander, Pugilist, ShogunBack line: Medic, Sovereign

  This party is for folks who like to take a self-beating and keep on ticking. Like, literally. That’s because this combination takes advantage of moves that reduce the HP of either the user or allies in order to grant positive effects. Moves like Legion Charge and Blood Fortune,?for example, use ally HP from your party members to deal damage or increase the chance for status attacks while Thunder Fist can damage its user by triggering a backlash if it doesn’t kill a foe. In contrast, moves like Allied Bonds restore TP at the end of a turn while Fighting Spirit increases attack when an HP-draining skill was used. Warrior Might lets the Shogun follow-up on ally attacks at the cost of, yep, health — and might even cause the Shogun to die in the process. The Shogun’s Morale Boost, however, restores the party’s HP if its user (i.e. the Shogun) is revived after falling in battle. Overheal, meanwhile, increases a party member’s max HP for one turn while Rally Order increases max HP for an entire row, providing extra “fuel” for HP-draining moves. To literally keep this party going, everyone except for the Pugilist can use healing skills.

  Highlander (Subclass: Sovereign)

  Blood Fortune (グッドラック)Legion Charge (レギオンチャージ)Allied Bonds (絆の恩恵)

  Pugilist (Subclass: Farmer)

  Fighting Spirit (闘魂)Devil’s Fist (鬼人拳)Thunder Fist (雷神拳)

  Shogun (Subclass: Bushido)

  Great Warrior (大武辺者)Morale Boost (士気回復)Warrior Might (一騎当千)

  Medic (Subclass: Protector)

  Delayed Heal (ディレイヒール)Revive (リザレクション)Overheal (オーバーヒール)

  Sovereign (Subclass: Arcanist)

  Reinforce (リインフォース)Rally Order (覇気の号令)Healing Decree (ヒールオーダー)Front line: Highlander, Ronin, ImperialBack line: Survivalist, Gunner

  If your philosophy in life is to strike fast and strike hard, this team is meant for you. In addition to boasting powerful skills, even this group’s regular attacks pack a strong punch for taking down foes ASAP. Do be warned that this lineup is TP-hungry and isn’t the best at healing to boot, making it not as ideal for long-term engagements.

  Highlander (Subclass: Sovereign)

  Head Pierce (ブレインレンド)Allied Bonds (絆の恩恵)Black Sabbath (ブラックサバス)

  Ronin (Subclass: Shogun)

  Arm Strike (小手封じ)Air Blade (空刃)Phy ATK Up (物理攻撃ブースト)

  Imperial (Subclass: Protector)

  Accel Drive (アクセルドライブ)Charge Edge (チャージエッジ)Intercooler (インタークーラ)

  Survivalist (Subclass: Arcanist)

  Quick Step (アザーズステップ)Sagittarius Shot (サジタリウスの矢)Drop Shot (ドロップショット)

  Gunner (Subclass: Ninja)

  Leg Snipe (レッグスナイプ)Pop Flare (照明弾)Ricochet (跳弾)Etrian Odyssey Nexus for the Nintendo 3DSFront line: Hero, Ronin, SovereignBack line: Arcanist, Harbinger

  This team is ideal for taking down powerful enemies. That, by the way, would be bosses and those dastardly F.O.E. monsters. It’s a simple concept, really, where you have the Hero and Ronin as your main attackers, the Sovereign strengthening your team, and the Arcanist and Harbinger weakening the big, bad target. The result? Bye-bye, Mr. (or Miss) Big Bad.

  Hero (Subclass: Landsknecht)

  Physical Shield (シールドアーツ)Heroic Bonds (勇者の絆)Afterimage (残影)

  Ronin (Subclass: Gunner)

  Air Blade (空刃)Swift Stance (居合の構え)Upper Stance (上段の構え)

  Sovereign (Subclass: Protector)

  Attack Order (攻撃の号令)Guard Order (防蓹の号令)Prevent Order (予防の号令)

  Arcanist (Subclass: Medic)

  Nerve Circle (麻痺の方陣)Chain Circle (腕封の方陣)? (the book put the Harbinger skill Soul Transfer here, which I assume is a typo)

  Harbinger (Subclass: Nightseeker)

  Endless Shroud (終わりなき衣)Spirit Absorb (生気吸収)Wilting Miasma (虚弱の瘴気)Front line: Highlander, Protector, BushidoBack line: Medic, Survivalist

  Fans of the early games in the series should recognize this lineup. That’s because this party uses classes that pay homage to Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. Attack is handled by the Highlander and the Ronin while the Protector and Survivalist provide support. Healing, meanwhile, is done by the Medic. It’s a pretty balanced and straightforward traditional team but admittedly a bit lacking when it comes to inflicting status effects on foes.

  Highlander (Subclass: Sovereign)

  Draining Thrust (シングルスラスト)Head Pierce (ブレインレンド)Delayed Charge (ディレイチャージ)

  Protector (Subclass: Hero)

  Recovery Guard (リカバリーガード)Taunt (挑発)Full Guard (フルガード)

  Ronin (Subclass: Landsknecht)

  Upper Stance (上段の構え)Air Blade (空刃)Swallow Strike (ツバメ返し)

  Medic (Subclass: Arcanist)

  Refresh (リフレッシュ)Revive (リザレクション)Heal-All (エリアヒール)

  Survivalist (Subclass: Ninja)

  Hazy Arrow (朧矢)Trickery (トリックステップ)Scapegoat (スケープゴート)Etrian Odyssey Nexus for the Nintendo 3DSFront line: War Magus, Protector, SovereignBack line: Gunner, Survivalist

  Continuing with the homage to past games, this lineup approximates the feel of a party from Etrian Odyssey II and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight. This one eschews the traditional party order by having buffers and status inflictors up front while having your main attackers in the back row. This quirky lineup is especially good at inflicting high single-target damage courtesy of the back line. Everyone with the exception of the Survivalist also has some form of healing for added survivability.

  War Magus (Subclass: Harbinger)

  Random Disease (巫術:乱疫)Ailing Slash (巫術:霊攻大斬)Mind Drain (吸気)

  Protector (Subclass: Landsknecht)

  Heal Guard (ヒールガード)Keep Guard (キープガード)Shield Smite (シールドスマイト)

  Sovereign (Subclass: Shogun)

  Attack Order (攻撃の号令)Protect Order (庇護の号令)Tactical Decree (ベアオーダー)

  Gunner (Subclass: Ninja)

  Head Snipe (ヘッドスナイプ)Feint Shot (陽動射撃)Charged Shot (チャージショット)

  Survivalist (Subclass: Farmer)

  Blind Arrow (ブラインドアロ)Disabling Shot (エイミングフット)Sagittarius Shot (サジタリウスの矢)Front line: Sovereign, Farmer, ShogunBack line: Zodiac, Ninja

  Now this lineup — which pays homage to Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City — is pretty fun. It features solid debuffing and crowd control plus attacks that hit several times or damage multiple targets, making it great against enemy mobs. The Shogun, for example, can dual-wield weapons and multi-hit while the Zodiac can either hit several targets, pierce enemy lines or inflict splash damage. The Ninja, meanwhile, lowers enemy defense and can attack multiple targets, too. To round out the party, the Sovereign can heal and cure ailments while the Farmer can plant seeds for crowd control (seriously) and even revive downed party members in dungeons by slapping them (seriously, again). Add excellent TP recovery and you’ve got a group that’s a blast to use.

  Sovereign (Subclass: Protector)

  Prevent Order (予防の号令)Tactical Decree (ベアオーダー)Reinforce (リインフォース)

  Farmer (Subclass: Harbinger)

  Slap Awake (応急蘇生)Strange Seeds (不思議な種)Lullaby (子守唄)

  Shogun (Subclass: Ronin)

  Second Sword (払い弐刀)Peerless Demon (飛鳥落とし)5-Ring Sword (五輪の剣)

  Zodiac (Subclass: Medic)

  Fire Star (炎の星術)Ice Star (氷の連星術)Meteor (メテオ)

  Ninja (Subclass: Nightseeker)

  Bone Crusher (骨砕き)Ninpo: Daggers (忍法 含針)Hawk Strike (鷹乃羽)Front line: Landsknecht, Nightseeker, ProtectorBack line: Arcanist, Medic

  This team is based on Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, and boasts the kind of balance that Yoda and Obi-Wan will like. It uses a more or less traditional party order with attackers and a tank up front and support in the back line. The Landsknecht, for example, can lower the attack power of foes and then follow that up with Vanguard to lower his or her own defense to get a speed and power boost. The Nightseeker can trigger ailments via throws then build on that to increase attack power or even use Follow Trace to potentially trigger attacks twice when the foe has an ailment. The Imperial, meanwhile, can switch between offense and defense with drives while the Arcanist can bind and use that for TP management. Rounding out the party is the Medic, who can heal, cure and unbind.?

  Landsknecht (Subclass: Hero)

  Double Strike (ダブルストライク)Vanguard (ヴァンガード)Power Break (パワーブレイク)

  Nightseeker (Subclass: Ninja)

  Spread Throw (スプレッドスロー)Follow Trace (追影の残滓)Swift Edge (スウィフトソード)

  Imperial (Subclass: Protector)

  Flame Drive (フレイムドライブ)Impulse Edge (インパルスエッジ)Heat Shield (過熱の守り)

  Arcanist (Subclass: Harbinger)

  Chain Circle (腕封の方陣)Proficiency (方陣師の心得)Dismiss Blow (破陣亜空絞破)

  Medic (Subclass: Sovereign)

  Refresh (リフレッシュ)Unbind (バインドリカバリ)Revive (リザレクション)

  And there you have it, 11 fun class combinations or lineups you can use in Etrian Odyssey Nexus. So what teams do you like to use? As always, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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