[Deltarune]Deltarune: Chapter 1 Ending Explained

2021-07-08 14:21:19

  The first chapter concludes with a short cutscene of Kris convulsing in bed before falling onto the floor. They continue shaking until they stand up, rip their own soul out, and throw it into a cage in the corner. Afterward, Kris pulls out a knife and their eye glows red in a menacing fashion. The game cuts to credits after this, providing no real explanation about what just happened to Kris.?

  While this is the end of “Chapter 1,” Fox has announced that more chapters are coming, so this is more of an end-of-season cliffhanger than a proper ending. Fox also said that he might rework “Chapter 1” for the final release?of the full “Deltarune” experience, so this might not even be the definitive ending of chapter one.

  This cliffhanger ending has caused a number of wild fan theories to be made about what exactly the ending means. A popular theory is that Chara, a character from “Undertale” with the ability to possess and control people, is the one controlling Kris. In a lengthy post by u/Redditsufan on the “Undertale” subreddit, they explain that Chara is an omnipresent force that is inherently tied to the player character’s soul, so while Chara may reside in the soul that Kris rips out, Chara wouldn’t exactly be the one controlling them.