[outer worlds]Outer Worlds 2 Will Be Announced At E3 2021, According To Rumor

2021-07-08 15:56:05

  A new rumor claims that developer Obsidian Entertainment will officially announced The Outer Worlds 2 during E3 2021, which begins on June 12.

  By Brianna Reeves

  Published Jun 02, 2021


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  Reportedly, developer Obsidian Entertainment plans on formally unveiling The Outer Worlds 2 during E3 2021. Rumors of a sequel for the 2019 sleeper hit have circulated off and on throughout the last several months. The first of such reports?made the rounds in October 2020, with industry analyst Daniel Ahmad claiming?Obsidian had begun pre-production on a follow-up to?The Outer Worlds.

  Players who completed The Outer Worlds and wanted more haven’t been left in the dust. Despite the studio’s other creative endeavors, Obsidian?launched?two?major story expansions within the last year. The first DLC release, Peril on Gorgon, became available in September 2020, allowing fans to explore the horrors that took place on the Gorgon Asteroid in the name of science. Murder on Eridanos, The Outer Worlds’ second and final narrative expansion, tasked players with investigating?a murder mystery in?the Halcyon colony. Supposedly, yet another mystery may soon reach its conclusion, as well.

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  In a post centered on expectations and predictions for Xbox’s E3 2021, Windows Central?addressed ongoing E3 rumors and other topics related to the upcoming event. The publication most notably?claimed to have heard that “Outer Worlds 2 may be announced” during the all-digital festivities. Other than Windows Central’s word, this particular rumor does not?boast much in the way of substance. As always, then, such information should be taken lightly for the time being.

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  That Obsidian may be ready to lift the veil on a new Outer Worlds entry certainly seems possible, even if the project does currently sit in the incipient stages of development. Fans may not want to get their hopes up about a quick turnaround in terms of the rumors sequel’s release, however.


  Obsidian is confirmed to have at least two separate projects in full production. The survival game Grounded, which entered Early Access last summer, counts as one of the titles in question. According to a recent development update, only a small crew of developers are attached. Meanwhile, first-person RPG Avowed remains in production, too, though information?regarding its overall progress remains scarce. But if Obsidian does have a few surprises hidden up?its sleeve, like an Outer Worlds 2 reveal, E3 seems the perfect place to let the details fly.

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  E3 2021 kicks off on Saturday, June 12 and comes to a close the following week on Tuesday, June 15.

  Source: Windows Central


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