[final fantasy 6]Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection Is the Perfect Way To Experience Classic FF

2021-07-09 04:08:51

  Square Enix’s ambitious Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection will offer a new way to play the first games with lots of enhancements.

  By Stan Hogeweg

  Published 4 days ago


  final fantasy 6 square enix

  Some video game franchises are so sprawling and prolific that, for new fans, it can be a little intimidating to figure out how to start playing them. One of those franchises is?Final Fantasy.?Anyone who’s into video games is familiar with?Final Fantasy,?the Square Enix franchise that continues to set standards for RPGs and define the genre, even after all these years. The great success of?Final Fantasy 7 Remake?attests to the franchise’s timelessness and impact. Even though?Final Fantasy is largely composed of standalone stories, some fans might wish they could play the series from the beginning anyway to see how it’s evolved over the years. That’s why the recent announcement of the?Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is a big deal.

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  final fantasy 6 square enix

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  Square Enix payed?Final Fantasy a lot of mind at E3 2021. Some viewers might argue that?Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was one of the most memorable game reveals of the whole event.?During the same event, though, Square Enix briefly teased?the?Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series on Steam. Through this initiative, remasters of the first six?Final Fantasy games will come to Steam. This is a huge deal for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it makes these games more accessible and perhaps even more affordable than before. For another, these remasters look like they’ll transcend more recent?Final Fantasy classic remakes that fans weren’t too pleased with.


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  Lots of other versions of the early?Final Fantasy games are already available on Steam in one way or another. However, not all of them have been received with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Many have criticized the?Final Fantasy 6 port that came to Steam a few years ago for using the same character sprites as the mobile version of the game. Thanks to?Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster,?though, fans will be able to relive the 16-bit glory days of early?Final Fantasy.?The sprites have been polished and made more detailed, but they’re overall very faithful to the first versions of the games.


  Sharp-looking remasters will be a big addition to Steam’s library, and could sell pretty well for Square Enix. To give itself an extra edge, Square Enix and Steam might work together to price these games in a competitive way that’ll encourage?Final Fantasy fans new and old to jump on the remasters. The early?Final Fantasy games are already fairly affordable, but if Square Enix offers a package deal for all the?Pixel Remaster titles or prices them even a little bit cheaper than the other editions, they can save fans a little money while making a ton of sales.

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  The four main characters from Final Fantasy III

  Square Enix remastering all six of these games at once is a big deal. It’s not common that a developer remakes multiple games at once, let alone six. Even just the first?Final Fantasy?getting a sharp remaster would’ve been exciting. Instead, Square Enix is following its recent pattern of doubling down on and rapidly expanding the?Final Fantasy series. Six of the franchise’s earliest games are getting remastered all at once, giving fans a wealth of games to revisit or experience for the first time.

  Although details on the?Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series are scarce, one hopes that they’ll release soon if Square Enix felt ready to announce them at E3. As?Final Fantasy gets more and more attention with the help of content around?Final Fantasy 7 Remake and side ventures like Sephiroth joining?Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,?now is the perfect time to be nostalgic for the youth of?Final Fantasy.?Fans and critics agree that these games hold up. These lots of RPG conventions and innovations that fans can watch evolve if they pick up?Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles once they release.


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