[pokmon ruby and sapphire]The best moveset for Gardevoir in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

2021-07-09 12:51:36

  Nowadays Gardevoir is a dual Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon, though back in the Generation III games the elegant creature was solely a Psychic-type. Of course, this influences the best moveset for the mon.

  Strong in the Special Attack and Special Defense categories, Gardevoir is valuable asset to have on any player’s team. In the Generation III games, Psychic-types are particularly useful against Fighting-type opponents.

  This article sheds light on the best moveset for a player to equip their Gardevoir with in the Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald games.

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  Gardevoir’s best moveset in the Generation III games focuses on taking advantage of its impressive Special Attack and Special Defense stats as well as its Psychic-typing. The following moves are the most highly recommended combination to use, though some can be switched out depending on a trainer’s playstyle.

  Calm Mind

  Calm mind is one move for Gardevoir, which is pretty much essential. Calm Mind is going to raise Gardevoir’s Special Attack and Special Defense even higher, making it a more powerful attacker while simultaneously giving it some added defense.


  Psychic is a powerful Psychic-type move that will allow Gardevoir to take advantage of the absolutely crucial Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) in the Generation III games. It deals a significant amount of damage to foes.


  An Electric-type attack with 100% accuracy is pretty much a no-brainer for Gardevoir to be equipped with. This move has 95 Base Power so it’s going to inflict some hurt on an enemy. Additionally, Thunderbolt has a 10% chance of leaving the target paralyzed.

  Ice Punch

  Another move that will take advantage of Gardevoir’s boosted Special Attack and add coverage: Ice Punch is a really solid option to round-out the best moveset for this mon in the Generation III games. It’s not quite as powerful as Thunderbolt, but still has a decent 75 Base Power and a 10% chance of freezing the target.

  Alternatively, a player could opt to switch out Ice Punch for a move like Will-O-Wisp or Destiny Bond. However, these are a bit harder to come by in Generation III for Gardevoir, as they require a player to utilize the breeding function.

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