[carrom pool]Carrom Pool: A Game To Play When Boredom Hits You

2021-07-12 18:19:22

  Among all sports games, the arrow pool game is a super fun game. This is similar to the all-time classic pool. Most importantly this game challenges you to introduce the same coloured tiles in each of the holes on the board. The winner is the one who can get rid of all their tiles. Here we look at the game, carrom pool when boredom hits you.

  * Gameplay in carrom pool is very simple and that’s why the game is so addicting.

  * The only thing you have to look for is either your tiles are black or white, pick a team.

  * Your mission is to hit them in the correct hole.

  * The score will be displayed on the upper part of the screen.

  * All controls are user friendly. Release the coin by pushing it hard with your fingers.

  * The players who get rid of tiles first wins.

  * You should also win all the coins in each round.

  * This game will surely keep you entertained for a good while beating all rivals.

  * In this game carrom pool, there is a feature that allows the player to claim free rewards for watching video ads.

  * The only way to claim these rewards if that happens until new ads available.

  * Also, if you repeatedly played matches against the same player, those winnings won’t count.

  Overall when you are bored, this carrom pool game is the best option. Especially in this coronavirus pandemic situation, this game is truly a good option. Hope everyone will enjoy it.